6 Signs Your Power Steering Is Not Working Well.

If you have ever driven an old car in your life, you might notice the sheer force that is required to turn the steering wheel on those cars. Now compare that to the cars of modern day and age. You will realize that it takes much less effort to turn your car around as compared to an old car. The reason for It is a very simple mechanism called “power steering system”.

The power steering system has made turning the cars easier by using different mechanical parts such as pistons and levers, which assist the main steering mechanism in turning the axis of wheels. However, these steering parts are quite complex machinery parts, and just like all the mechanical parts, they require care and maintenance. If you stop maintaining, some uncanny occurrence will take place.

If you would like to know such signs that prove that your power steering is not working, then this article is surely for you.

If It Is Making Squealing Noise, It Needs Power Steering Repair

Most of the problems in any power steering wheel can be associated with power steering fluid being low, just like this one. It is better to take your car to power steering repair shop for the steering fluid change. However, if the amount of oil that is drained is lower than expected, then there might be a leakage. So it is better to get it fixed first.

It Is Difficult To Make Turns As It Gets Stiff

Another indication of power steering failure is that it gets harder and harder to turn the car around as time passes by.This is also caused because of the lower power steering fluid that helps in keeping the mechanism greased. Moreover, it is also possible that the power steering belt might have gotten damaged.

It Starts Vibrating When Steering

As it occurs not so often but surely happens once in a while, that the power steering wheel starts vibrating even when the car is in idle condition. That is a symptom of steering belt isloose, damaged or in need of replacement. You can go to any power steering repair shop, and they will fix it for you in no time.

Vehicle Pulls To One Side When Driving

A worn out steering gear causes this. If it takes you a bit more effort and turn-time than usual, then that is the evidence that there is a problem with the steering gear. So it is better to get it checked before any unexpected incident takes place.

Steering Wheel Slips When Trying To Turn

Many things can cause this problem, but as usual, you should get your power steeringfluid checked and whether if there is a leakage. Moreover, faulty pumps can also cause this issue, as well as worn out steering rack mounts. So it is better if you get those checked to and if you have gotten your car repaired just recently, then you should also get your steering belts checked since they might have loosened up.

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