How to make the most of your train journey with your friends

Gearing up for a train journey with your friends? Is it going to be an overnight one, or a short and crisp one? Whatever it might, when it comes to travelling with friends, it’s bound to be a fun one, only and only if you know how to make it so, without disturbing others.

Well, if you are all set for travelling with your friends for the first time and you want the journey to be a pleasant and memorable one, then there are a few basic things that you can always try out. Let’s take a look at some of them:
  1. Take care of the practical details first. Make sure that you get your reservations done well before time so that all of you have confirmed berths and seat numbers. It is best if you get the booking done about sixty to one twenty days prior to your date of travel. Also it is important that you circulate the message amongst your friends that each and every one of you should have a print out or an SMS of the ticket along with a photo id proof. These are very crucial and hence make sure that you have them.
  2. Once you board the train and find your seats, right at the very beginning, clear out the matter of food. When it comes to having Food in Train, you can either order form the pantry car or buy from the vendors if they are allowed. Otherwise you can place orders online and have the food delivered to your berth at a particular station. This will also be more cost effective since then you will be able to share the cost amongst yourselves.
  3. If it is an overnight journey or a longer one, then it is best that you carry board games with you which all of you can play. This will help in passing your time and you will also be able to have some awesome fun with your friends. You can try card games like UNO or even board games like scrabble, business or likes, where a number of players can tune in. You can also play fun games like dumb charade to infuse the fun element in your travel.
  4. The other very important thing that you ought to take into consideration is the comfort of other passengers. Whatever you do, you have to make sure that you are not loud and that you do not disturb your fellow passengers. Have fun but keep your voices low and do not misbehave with anyone at any cost.
  5. And last but not the least, make sure that each and every one of your belongings are there. Make a luggage count and a headcount before you board the train, once when in the train and once when you alight the train. Take care that you do not leave anything important behind and make sure that everyone is there when you get off.
Simple, but basic rules need to be followed when travelling with friends if you want to make the most of your journey!
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