Dangers of Drowsy Driving

There is not much need to explain how dangerous drowsy driving can be. But the most dangerous part is when the driver doesn’t realize that he is about to fall asleep. When we speak or seek solutions regarding this issue, we need to include this aspect of drowsy driving too. Based on this, it would be easier to formulate a few ways to curb down the chances of such unwanted situations from taking place.

Symptoms of Drowsy Driving

As told by the Ontario VW Dealership, the worst possible thing in drowsy driving is when the driver is driving alone and has nobody who can watch his behaviour or warn him in advance. As a result, the driver doesn’t even realize that he is falling asleep, so it doesn’t take time for the dangers to occur.

Here are some symptoms that can make the driver aware that he might fall asleep all of a sudden, and it is time to take some precautionary steps.

·         Slow reaction time,
·         Decreasing awareness,
·         Slow judgment
·         Increasing vehicle aggressiveness.

Drowsy driving makes one commit unrecoverable mistakes like injuring or killing one’s own self, the passengers, other motorists and pedestrians.

How to Stay Awake

These are some stay-awake tips from the Ontario VW Dealer that might serve some good purpose of staying awake and safe while driving:

·         It should be mandatory to check that no tired driver is going to handle the car in the first place.
·         Plenty of sleep at the previous night is essential before starting for a long drive. The minimum is six hours, though a couple of hours is ideal.
·         Stop driving if you have yawned more than one or two within a minute.
·         Stop the car and take drink a cup of coffee.
·         Do not plan to drive at night after working all day.
·         Choose the time of driving during a usualtime of the day when you stay awake.
·         Taking a short nap during the noon is a very good idea while looking for a place to sleep in the midnight till dawn is still better.
·         If you can't take a nap, stoppingthe car and resting for awhile would be saving your life, which is more important than saving the time.
·         Do not drive alone if you are on cold and flu medications.
·         Do not forget to take a break at every two-hour or whenever you cross 100-120 miles, even if you don't feel initially that you are sleepy.
·         While taking a break, get out of the car, inhale some fresh air, wash your face and drink some water.
·         Make apoint to do some stretching exercises, to relax the tired muscles of the neck and the shoulders.

When to Take a Break

Sometimes drivers feel it is more a relief to end the journey faster than to delay it with unnecessary breaks in the middle of driving. That is the first mistake they do that can claim lives.

The car should be stopped immediately when:
·         The driver can't remember the last few driven miles.
·         The car hitson a rumble strip
·         Drifts from the lane unintentionally
·         Thoughts are gettingirrelevant.
·         Yawning repeatedly
·         Face difficulty in keeping the eyes open

No matter, however,hurries the driver is in, to end the journey, he should never undermine the above-saidadvisesto save his own life as well as others.
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