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Studying in foreign country is an adventure as well as a challenge for any individual. Migrating from the own country to another is done with extreme consideration for positive experience.

How to find a school in Canada
Apply few months before the staring of your course in any school you opted for taking admission. At least, as early as six months prior in case of primary and secondary schools admission application is required. If you are seeking admission in colleges or university, then apply before a year.

There are framed set of rules which need to be followed for taking admission in post secondary school in Canada. English and French language is tested of an applicant before applying in any educational institute of Canada.

There are some things to be noted before selecting a school or university:
  • The fee charged for applying in any school
  • Tuition fee charged for studying in the selected school chosen by the applicant
  • Health certificate of the applicant
  • Cost of living in the Canada  and rent charged
  • Language to be known for taking an admission
The applicant is required to fill the applicant form of that the school which is been chosen and then submit it, abiding by the instructions. If your application is being selected by the school for admission then they will send the applicant a letter of acceptance which is utmost important for applying for a student work permit Canada visa.

Those foreign students who have acquired the valid study permit of Canada can also work in Canada. Students can also have an option to pursue their work along with the studies after completing the study from the Canadian educational institution. Work permit visa may or may not be required depending on the option been chosen by the student for working. The various categories under which a student can work in Canada are:

On campus jobs
All those foreign students who are studying for full time in Canada doesn’t need to take work permit visa for working on campus.

Off campus jobs
If the school in which the foreign student is admitted has authorized to make their students work off campus, then the students can work off campus though student visa to work visa Canada.

Internship work permit visa
There are some study courses in which internship is a part of the study curriculum; in that case work permit visa is needed for acquiring the work experience.

Post graduate work permit visa
Foreign student graduated from the Canada school can acquire post graduate work permit visa for working in Canada. Their visa will allow staying the applicant for the same duration as of the study permit visa.

Canada has accounted on an average one and half lakh foreign student every year to Canada. It offers a variety of international student community. They also become eligible for permanent residency in Canada after getting an authorized work permit visa.
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