Why Should You Buy A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

If you are planning to buy a used vehicle from any Manchester Chevrolet dealership, then some of the people around you will definitely suggest you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle. The pre-owned vehicles are the used vehicles, which have passed a specific process of inspection and these are also back with some kind of limited warranty by the manufacturers. 

Since 2010, new car sales and leases are increasing steadily and this makes the certified pre-owned vehicles really popular. With more and more trade-ins of new vehicles and as an increased number of vehicles are coming off with 2 and 3-year leases, therefore the pool of vehicles, which can qualify as CPO is becoming bigger.

Buying CPO never ensures that the used vehicles won’t have repairing issue. Rather, the CPO vehicles remain in better shapes than the average used vehicles. It means, if something goes wrong with any covered item during this CPO warranty, the manufacturer will deal with it. So, to make the decision of purchasing a CPO, then here the basic issues you must count on:

Certified never always mean CPO:

Only because the used vehicle dealers advertise vehicles as certified, it never means that the dealer is completely backed by the manufacturers of those vehicles. Often the used car dealers just offer some kind of short, 30 to 60 day, fix or return warranty, offering a certain level of protection if the wheel falls off the vehicle while driving this home from the dealership. On the other hand, the CPO vehicles come with longer warranties; usually, 12 to 24 months and these vehicles are also backed and managed by the original vehicle manufacturer. These vehicles are also offered by the franchised Chevrolet Dealership Serving Manchester.

Whether CPO worth the extra money spent:

One needs to pay more for the CPO vehicle than the comparable used vehicle without it. On the basis of the value and brand of the vehicle, the cost can actually increase by 3-7%. Does this suit it actually? Most of the CPO programs include some value-added items, which help to save money in various areas.

Things that the CPO inspection include:

Qualifying for the CPO inspection needs the dealership to inspect any used vehicle following one checklist ordered by the manufacturer. In case any part or inspected item doesn’t meet the standard of the manufacturer, this should be fixed or otherwise, the vehicle should not be sold as CPO. The number of systems and parts inspected isn’t similar to every manufacturer. The majority of the CPO inspections include around 150 and 175 points of inspection. But the number however never tells the entire story. In some cases, the count of point enhances by itemizing every part of any system instead of counting only the entire system.

Added benefits of CPO:

Every CPO program includes some benefits, which increase the entire value of the deal. Every program includes a few amount of free roadside assistance, usually following the limits of the CPO warranty. Besides, there are some added services like reimbursement of breakdown expenses, free loaner vehicles during the service visits etc.
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