Top Traditional Dishes To Try In London

It’s very easy to misunderstand English food, as many people tag it as too boring or tasteless, in comparison to spicy Asian foods, which are more lingering. No matter how dull it may seem to you, there is something particularly comforting about cuisines prepared by English people. If you happen to visit the city soon, choose cheap London coach hire to check out some of these favourite traditional foods served at popular joints.

Roast Dinner

Any list of traditional English food is incomplete without a special mention of roast dinner. It comprises of roasted meat, gravy, stuffing, vegetables, roast or mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. As a tradition, it was only served on Sunday as a main meal, but you can have it any day of the week. The beauty of this cuisine is not limited to its delicious taste, but it’s more about the resemblance, making an ideal setup for friends and family to get together over food, and spend some great time. This is where the heart of English cooking lies, and it’s not going out of fashion anytime soon. 

Fish And Chips

This is known to be the only food in London that was not rationed during World War II, and it came about following the development of trawling in the North Sea. It is delicately prepared by coating haddock or cod in batter and frying it deep, till the time the fish inside is soft and the batter is crunchy.   It forms a terrific combination when coupled with a side of mushy peas and crispy fried chips. For over the years, it has been a favourite snack across the world, especially near the seaside areas. 

Bangers And Mash

This is basically pork sausages cooked or fried in the oven, served with a helping of mashed potatoes, made with lots of milk and butter. You can also serve it traditionally with some fried onions on top, along with gravy. Pair it with a glass of red wine for an ideal combo.

Bubble And Squeak

Over a decade or so, this cuisine may have gone down in popularity, but is still counted as one of the top traditional dishes prepared in London. Not only is it delicious, but also an amazing way to reuse leftovers. The simple recipe only demands for some mashed potatoes and leftover vegetables. The combination needs to be fried with a tiny portion of butter, and continuous stirring, until the cabbage turns brown.For a delicious brunch item, serve this with a fried egg on top. 

Bread And Butter Pudding

English people are die-hard fans of their desserts, and they are very obsessive about it. The most traditional item in this list has to be the bread and butter pudding. Long time back, it was a meal prepared by poor families from stale bread. It includes heating the bread, layering it on a platter, adding dried fruits, soaking in milk and baking at high temperatures in oven. In modern day scenario, this dish is generally viewed as a dessert rather than a meal, and it’s quite popular as well.
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