5 Popular Indian Desserts made from Chena (cottage cheese)

India is the country full of festivities and people here are fond of celebrating these festivals with great enthusiasm and zeal. To add to the essence of festivals, Indian markets are full of delicacies. If we dig deep into the history, India was ruled by a lot of different rulers from different origins hence Indian food is seen inspired from all the food habits of the rulers coming from different regions of the world.

If we talk about desserts, there is an endless list of delicacies that are prepared by the people and every state has its own specialty when it comes to sweets.

Here is the list of some popular desserts that are made from chena (cottage cheese) and are loved by people across the world.
  1. GulabJamun: This is one of the most common dessert served in India, it is the mostly the first choice of people with a sweet tooth. This delicacy is made using cottage cheese mixed with all-purpose flour and dipped in sugar syrup. None of the Indian function be it a wedding or a small gathering is complete without serving this extremely delicious dessert. Nowadays, the chefs have added some innovation to it and hence one can find Gulabjamun in a plenty of different flavors.
  2. Rasgulla: One of the popular desserts that comes from the Bengali community. This tempting dessert is the favorite dessert of many. Made from cottage cheese this dessert is not just healthy but very tasty, dipped in the sugar syrup flavored with rose water or cardamom makes this delicacy one of its kinds.
  3. Chena Murki: Another delicacy made from cottage cheese, this might not be quite popular but is one of the most loved desserts in Northern India. This tiny magical sweet,Chena Murki is loved by many as it is quite easy to eat and is less messy.
  4. KajuBurfi: The dessert to which no one can say no, Kajuburfi is also made from cottage cheese and is one of the most consumed sweet during the festive season.As a lot of people suffering from diabetes, these sweets are now also available with less sugar, hence one does not has to worry about their health.
  5. PistaBurfi:PistaBurfi is also quite popular just like KajuBurfi, the nutty flavor that comes from Pistachio when mixed with chena gives this sweet a heavenly flavor which is loved by many.
Although in the time when everyone is so conscious about their health, these desserts can easily make us cheat our daily diet regime. The best part about these sweets is they do not have extra preservatives; the reason is that all these desserts are made from chena (cottage cheese) and the desserts made from chena are supposed to be consumed within 3 days from the day the dessert was made, hence adding preservatives cannot save the sweets from getting decayed. So this festive season be a chef and try your hands on making these mouth-watering desserts and impress your family and friends.
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