BMW Series 3: Better than ever

This car hardly needs to be introduced. The BMW Series 3 is well known to be compact luxury sedan. This vehicle is equipped with excellent controls, handling and best dynamics there are. Its luxury is unbeatable and need not to be spoken about. It earned the title of 'Ultimate Driving Machine', and it certainly lives up to it. With no expense spared, it displays and offers excellent comfort level. For many car enthusiast it is the best all rounder luxury sedan. 

But what about the frowns on your face when you hear about the price of this vehicle? Does it cost too much? What if we give you a solution to this problem? Buy a used BMW. This way you do not have to compromise with your dream to get this ultimate luxury vehicle.

This time BMW opted for best of the class engines. Car enthusiasts simply can not get over the engines they installed in this vehicle this time. The 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engines promise to give a splendid 248 horsepower. The interior has been upgraded to a better extent as well. This segment of BMW series is renowned for its elegant and classy exterior and designs. With such amazing demographics, this vehicle stays up to date with the modern day aesthetics. There is a goo dnews for all the manual transmission enthusiasts. While we all know that most of the giants are removing the manual transmission focusing more on automatic, most of the cars in the 3rd series follow manual transmission. Apart from the driving tranmission, you can even adjust and change the driving dynamics whenever or wherever you want. Driving Dynamics Control makes it more comfortable and luxurious than before. Based on the operation and utility, you can chose from Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport, and Sport Plus. This ensures that you can enjoy being comfortable even at a considerate speed. When it comes to safety, BMW has got your back. It ensures that the occupants remain safe no matter what. Moreover, it topped in the all the security tests of The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That definitely counts for something. The idrive system of this vehicle got much more refined than before. It became a bit more sophisticated as it includes innovative systems like touchpad, a selector knob, voice commands and an 8.8-inch touch screen.

What is not there to love about this car. Luxury definitely comes to your doorstep if you get one of these sedans. BMW is one of  the giants that allows you to get the used cars from themselves. It becomes highly convenient for the people out there. You get to choose the car you want from the parent company itself. Not only is it a reliable source but it also has some of its benefits. The car you get will be certified, it would have gone through various checkpoints, and certain period of warranty. It is really better than buying a car from any unknown dealer that you do not trust.

This vehicle truly gives a new edge to all the vehicles out there. All the car enthusiasts know the value of owning this car. It is a dream car to most of the people out there. This truly is an ultimate driving machine. It is actually best at everything. This car is definitely a head turner. When you ride down the road, you are guaranteed to expect a lot of heads turning around in awe, shock and jealousy. If you are looking for something elegant and classy, than this is your go to sedan!
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