4 Scenarios to Avoid to Keep Your New Car Pristine

So, you just got that car that made you drive past the showroom a thousand times before you made the purchase. Now you are wondering what efforts you need to make to ensure you keep it looking pristine for forever, or at least something close to that.
Any car owner knows that your car is an extension of you. There is this special bond between you and your car, especially if it is your favourite car, if you have more than one. 

Proper maintenance of a car requires dedication from regular washing and visits to the mechanic to avoiding scenarios that will contribute to the ageing process of your car. Here are four scenarios which you should avoid at all costs in your mission to keep your car looking pristine as long as possible.

Muddy Animal Paws

To make your car last as long as possible in pristine condition, your pets will have to take the back seat. You'll also need to avoid having their muddy animal paws get all over the upholstery.
To do this, keep your pets clean and wipe off their paws before they get in the car. That way if they were playing outdoors and they stepped in the mud you won't end up with mud all over your car.
Occasionally this applies to kids as well. If your kids have been playing outdoors make sure they aren't covered in mud before they get in the car.
When mud gets into a car's upholstery it makes it difficult to clean. The longer it is left to set the more effort it will take to clean it.

Rubbish Removal

Once in a while, you may need to move out some items taking up space in the house. These items could be old fridges or a worn-out washing machine. When moving these items, it is best to contract the transfer out to rubbish removal experts in Manchester

Your car should not be used for rubbish removal as you could rip the interiors of the car in the process, or worse still scratch the windows!

Moving House

You may be tempted to move your belongings in your car when you relocate your home. However, this is one of those temptations that you should overcome in order to keep your car in the newest
condition. Moving boxes and bulky furniture can easily scrape or tear your car's interiors. So, it's best to avoid this as much as possible.

Transporting Landscaping and Gardening Supplies

Leave this part of your household chores to the gardener, or better still rent a truck if it is a large-scale project. Moving around large quantities of soil or turf will likely result in soil getting packed into the car's carpets. This can be difficult to remove especially if it is left to set for a while. So, leave this job to the pros.
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