How Do You Jumpstart A Car?

Has your car battery died and you’re stuck on the road? If so, you can use jumper cables and jumpstart it with the help of a good Samaritan’s car or decide to buy car battery Melbourne at Roadside Response. But before getting started, make sure that the other has at least greater voltage than your own car. So do you want to learn how to jump a car? If so, read on.

Pull the good Samaritan’s auto in front of your car.

Keep in mind that it’s important for the cars to be close enough in order for jumper cables to efficiently reach. However, make sure that there are no parts of the vehicles that get in contact with each other. Don’t forget to turn off the jumper’s car engine before you charge the car later.

Lay the cables out.

After positioning the two cars, lay the jumper cables out on the ground between the two vehicles. Make sure that the black and red ends of each end of the jumper cables won’t touch each other.

Connect the cables and terminal.

Fasten the positive end of the cables closest to the car dead batter to the it’s positive terminal. Make sure that you clip it firmly. So how can a newbie like identify where the terminal is? Well, it is marked with a (+) plus sign, or has a red mark on it. Make sure that the connection is firm enough.

Connect the red connection on the cable’s other end to the car battery’s positive terminal. Again, you need to make sure that the connection is firm enough. Try it by giving it a little wiggle.

Clip the cable’s black side to the battery’s negative terminal on the car jumper using the same procedure stated above. You can determine the negative terminal by looking for the black mark around it. Also, you will usually a minus (-) sign.

Look for a space of unpainted metal in your car’s engine with the battery just like an accessory bracelet or a bolt. After that, clip the rest of the black jumper cables end into it. One very important tip is to make sure that jumper cable won’t affect the moving parts or the belts once the car’s engine runs again. It is advisable to disconnect the negative end to a ground instead of the battery because it prevents the possibility of hydrogen explosion.

Charge the battery.
Turn on the ignition and let it supply charge to the car. Keep it in idle mode for 5 minutes and then boost the charge though the jumper cables. To do this, just push on the accelerator so the charge increases.

If you have been stuck on the road all off a sudden, it would be great if you have DIY knowledge in jumpstarting your car. You only need the help of a willing Samaritan’s car owner. However, if you don’t have enough knowledge or you don’t want to deal with the hassle, the best option is to call Roadside Response car towing services in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Once they receive your call, they will get into your location right away and in just few minutes, you will be back on the road again.
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