What To Consider When Planning A Trip For Pre-School Kids

Field trips for pre-school kids are popular since they offer a handy source of hands-on learning experiences. These field trips offer an exciting chance for kids to see, touch and observe different things and situations outside the class setting. However, there are several aspects that need to be put in place to ensure the field trip is successful. Some of the considerations you need to take include:

Vehicle Safety

When it comes to transporting pre-school kids, the first thing that should be considered is their safety. It is always advisable to hire a professional transportation company that has enough experience to ensure vehicle safety. Book Sydney bus hire in advance to avoid the last minute rush. You need to look for a bus that will accommodate all the kids comfortably. Ensure that you take a look at the bus and check that all the safety precautions are catered for. Check for things like seat belts to make sure they are in good working conditions.

Meals & Snacks

Kids have different needs especially when it comes to diet. It is advisable to have each parent pack their children’s meals and snacks. The brown bag lunch policy helps to avoid situations where children can have foods they are allergic to. If there is an option to take the kids out for lunch in a restaurant, you need to find an ideal place and contact the management before the trip day. Discuss the lunch menu keeping all the children’s needs in mind. You can then discuss this menu with the parents to ensure that they are ok with the meals and snacks.

Medical Issues

As a pre-school teacher, you need to know which kids need special care due to medical conditions. If you have kids who need extra special care, you need to discuss with the parents how the child should be handled. It is best to have these parents have a caregiver accompany their kids to such trips to ensure that they will be monitored throughout. Most schools require a parent with a child with medical conditions to fill a generic “consent for treatment” form to give the school permission to seek for medical assistance in case of emergencies.

Adult To Child Ratio

To ensure that every child is well seated and comfortable in a bus ride, the state law mandates that for every five pre-school kids, there should be one grown up. This way, it is easy to keep an eye on every child to ensure that they are fine and that their needs are met. This should not only apply during the bus ride but, should extend when kids reach their destination.


Keeping young children in one place can be very tedious and keeping track of their whereabouts can be very tiresome. Some schools use checklists to cross all the kids’ names each time they board a bus after every stop. This may look like it is too much work but it is the only way to ensure that no children get lost or forgotten.
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