GPS Tracking System: Know What You Can Get

Tracking has always helped create awareness and confidence; at times it’s also been a method to ensure that there is enough amount of accountability. The many areas of implementations could involve humans, vehicles and animals.

The many good implementations of this technology can bring benefits, at the same time the harmful use or abuse of the technology has also increased. Incidents of burglary, abduction, rape manslaughters, blackmail, etc. are growing every day, technologies like GPS tracking system can fight these atrocities and show the way forward to a brighter future.

What are These Made of?

A GPS system used for tracking is based on 3 main components.
  • A device that has the capability to receive location information via satellites and then transmit the same to a software application.
  • A transmission system to shoot data from the GPS tracking system to the software.
  • A Software application that is enabled to collect data from a user device with GPS tracking, the data could be in various formats such as reports and maps.
How Does this System Work?

The system works with the GPS tracking system which is in command of receiving the data about the position of the vehicle, and transmitting this information to the GPS Tracking Application via Data Transmission System.

These trackers are generally small metal units that can fit inside a wallet or at times are slightly bigger. One GPS antenna is a must and the need to have additional antenna might depend on the module that is being built. The different types of satellite systems are
  • Full Satellite Tracker – this uses satellite to receive and transmit data.
  • Hybrid Tracker – There is the use of satellite to get the position and second method to communicate and accept data via a modem, a data port to download the data.
Location inputs from the satellite system is the most precise mechanism, it provides minimal margin of error to about two feet. The only downside of this mechanism is that if the unit is under a shield and covered excessively, the sky is not visible to the antenna hence the positioning might get lost.

The inputs from a cell tower has a larger margin of error, hence the accuracy of the location on the unit can be compromised. This type of GPS tracking system is heavily dependent on cell towers to function well. The advantage of this system is that it works well even under an enclosed area, unlike the one that depends on a satellite. There is yet another system called the assisted GPS, this one is more a hybrid mechanism and uses both systems.

Types of Uses of the GPS Tracking System

  • Wearable GPS – It is a simple gadget that can be worn without any effort. Let’s the persons wear it on his wrist, like a watch. The gadget in simple terms, make a wall for the wearer and if the person crosses the wall it immediately alerts the locator and makes changes accordingly.
  • For Vehicles – The hardware here is attached to a vehicle and the data is transmitted to the satellite and back to the application. Commercial fleet operations need more efficiency than equipment worn on the wrist. The other needs are to dispatch, route or redirect and security. The performance of the driver can be observed by this system. Theft of vehicle can be tracked, and fuel efficiency is also monitored via this method.
GPS tracking system is a simple and affordable solution. The benefits of being well informed and attacking potential threats with just the help of your cell phone, computer or a GPS tracker are definitely worth in our times.
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