Get WhatsApp, Enjoy its features and themes

WhatsApp has become popular among people. It provides messaging service with which you can easily communicate with your family, friends and other contacts. All you need is to have internet, and smartphones. With this provision and by downloading whatsapp in mobile, every user enjoys its services. Not only chatting but also has many features which makes anyone like whatsapp and access in it.

Features of WhatsApp – using them

WhatsApp has a lot of features and it is also one of the reason for being a top and best messenger application. Having internet connection, you can send messages for free in  whatsapp without any cost for it. You can chat continuously without any disturbance. The messages can be interesting as whatsapp provides many emojis and allow you to have fun while chatting.  When you want to talk with more than one friend at a time, it can be solved with whatsapp. 

It has the facility of group chatting. By creating a group and adding your friends or contacts in it your message can be seen by all. The limit of group is up to 256 people. The messages can be sent by typing or by speaking. Voice messages are comfortable by allowing you to convey any big messages instead of typing and consuming more time in it. This save time and can share a lot of things with it like images, and videos. You can also change settings of group chats or specific contacts notifications by muting them. It also has voice and video calling features. 

Video call service is developed recently which makes you feel that you are talking to the person lively. These calls are also for free by utilizing your internet connection. You can share documents by using the attachments icon which looks like paper clip. It includes pdfs, word documents, excel sheets, presentations and many more. Sending the documents is limited to 100 mb. If you have smartphones, try downloading whatsapp and explore yourself more by communicating with friends by sitting in home or in any place. It helps to connect to your loved contacts and is a fast and better messaging service.

Security and many themes

WhatsApp has security features by providing privacy policies for your messages. It builds the app with end to end encryption where your messages and calls are not accessed or seen by anyone other than you and person who received it. These are protected and you can also change your settings to make your account private. If you don’t want anyone to check your last seen or many things then you can modify them. 

By going to settings, then to account, and click on privacy. In this you can change the last seen the way you want by selecting any option either nobody, my contacts or everyone. Your profile image can be protected by selecting any one from the same options given above. By having these many features in one application, it’s definitely a good idea to download whatsapp in your smartphones.
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