Best Destinations In Melbourne For Group Tours

Melbourne boasts of hosting some of the best attractions in Australia which both locals and tourists can enjoy. If you are looking to learn more about Melbourne and its culture, there are several attractions that you can visit as an individual or as a group. When planning for a group tour, you need to book for Melbourne bus charter to take you from place to place with ease. These charter services are very convenient and they allow tourists to enjoy attractions at a comfortable pace so that they don’t miss a thing. The following are top attractions in Melbourne that you can enjoy as a group:

St Paul’s Cathedral

The St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the magnificent structures in Melbourne that reflects the rich history behind the town. The church was constructed in 1880 and was officially consecrated in 1891. The building is designed in decorative gothic styles and has elements of the Early English culture. The interior design includes a magnificent mosaic floor which brings about the feeling of divinity. A tour at the church allows people with an artistic eye, to marvel at the structure as they enjoy the serenity of the place. This attraction is recommended for group tours based on Christian values.

The Ian Potter Center

The Ian Potter Center is located at the heart of Melbourne’s city and it houses the National Gallery of Victoria. This center holds contemporary art both from indigenous and non-indigenous artists. The art works include photography, drawings, paintings, sculptures, decorative art and fashion. The Ian Potter Center is the largest display in the world that holds Australian art work. If you love art and fashion, you will enjoy famous work by top artists like Tom Roberts, Fredrick McCubbin, Fred Williams, Sidney Nolan and Albert Tucker just to mention a few.

Australian Center For The Moving Image

This center is based in Alfred Deakin Building and it spread over 4 levels. The center highlights aspects of cinematography and provides education, entertainment and conservation of precious historic footage and artifacts. This center offers both locals and tourists the chance to experience high definition sound systems and state of the art equipment, taking the cinema experience to another level. The center also holds a few galleries where art lovers can explore to enjoy art work from various famous artists.

Federation Square

The Fed Square houses Melbourne Visitor Center, where tourists pass through to get more information about the city. The Square also holds 2,000 events annually making it one of the busiest centers in the city. The events held at the square include screenings, festivals, performances, exhibitions and fashion shows, making it an all-round center. This is a great venue for visitors looking to interact with locals. There is a gallery display at the square where one can buy souvenirs like ceramics, handmade jewelry and sculptures.

Melbourne is known for its unique street art, thriving food scene and tons of attractions, which makes it one of the most enticing cities in Australia. If you are new in the city, ensure that you carry around a map or use tour guides for a smooth group tour around the city!
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