Thrill of riding bike comes along with a lot of risk. Keeping in mind the implications, it’s always advisable to buy a right and compressive insurance cover for your bike. To have 360 degree protection, it’s essential to customize the comprehensive plan by including some add-ons as per your requirement. Add-ons add extra value to your main insurance policy by providing additional coverage. And these additional benefits come with extra cost. Hence, you need to carefully choose them to make them for you. 

Though choosing the add-ons may seem bit confusing, but understanding what you need helps you make a right choice. One needs to choose the riders or add-ons on the basis of their need, usage of vehicle, bike model and maker, cost of the bike, travelling frequency and many more things. Its essential to choose the right rider based on the suitability. There are only few riders or add-ons for two wheeler insurance. Let’s discuss some of them along with tips to choose and suitability.

Ø  Pillion Cover:Carrying a passenger can sometimes be very risk which may prompt you to have the right insurance cover. Unfortunate events like accidents can turn out disastrous for both rider and pillion rider. Rider will be covered under personal accidental cover for any bodily injury and to the extent of death. Likewise, pillion cover protects the passenger who is travelling along with you in your bike by offering accidental coverage for bodily injury and death. Bodily injury can sometimes cause permanent total disability to the person. Having an add-on like pillion rider can save someone from such risk financially.
Suitability:If you are family man and someone who consider carrying a passenger on your bike, then it’s recommended to go for pillion cover add-on

Ø  Nil Depreciation Cover:Generally, cost of depreciation is borne by you at the time of repair. Insurance companies pay the compensation after deducting the depreciation value. If you do not want to shell out the depreciation cost out of your pocket, you should avail this nil depreciation cover along with the normal comprehensive bike insurance. This is usually a most recommended rider.
Suitability: If you own high end and expensive bikes such as super bikes. Repair cost will be high for such expensive bikes. In that case, if your standard comprehensive plan provides compensation less depreciation, paying the additional cost of depreciation can burn a hole in your wallet. Hence, it is recommended to opt for nil depreciation cover if cost of your two wheeler is significantly more.

Ø  Accessories Cover: There are many people who love to customize their dream bike with accessories. Accessories cover add-on offers you coverage for electronic accessories like audio devices, antennas etc and non-electronic devices like trike conversion kits, sidecars etc. By opting for this rider, you can get the compensation for repair and replacement of these accessories. Inclusion and exclusion to this coverage may vary among insurers.
Suitability: Accessories cover is recommended only in case you have installed any expensive electronic and non-electronic accessories in your bike to customize it. It’s important to understand that any add-on to the comprehensive bike insurance comes at a cost. Hence you must choose them wisely based on your need.
Ø  Spare Parts Replacement Cover: In case of an accident, cost of replacement of any spare parts has to be borne by you if you have only standard coverage. If you opt for Spare parts replacement cover as an add-on, replacement cost will be compensated by your insurer.
Suitability: This particular rider is recommended if you own a bike whose spare parts are expensive to replace. If you travel more frequently and also if you travel in heavy traffic areas, highways it would make more sense to have spare parts replacement cover as add-on


To sum it up, it’s better to minimize the risk by opting for add-ons in case your vehicle cost or its cost of replacement/repair is high. It’s always better to analyse the potential risk and the cost associated with its protective measures to take a right and informed decision. Customize your comprehensive bike insurance plan as per your requirement to make it more valuable.
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