Enjoy the Mother Nature and her abundant beauty on your Shimla-Manali Trip

If you love to lose yourself into the hypnotic effects that are caused by the ravishing natural beauty of a pace, you must not miss taking on a trip from Shimla to Manali. Both these two cities are situated on the Northern part of India and are famous for the abundant natural beauty and the lush greenery that these two cities offer.

Both Manali and Shimla are considered as internationally famous tour destinations because of a good many reasons. Not only the snow-clad mountains and the charms of hills, there are various activities you might indulge yourself in if you want to, during your trip! For a better Shimla Manali tour plan, give it a read.

Start off from Shimla. Here are some of the places of this city which you must enjoy
  • Shimla Mall: Just because this city was made by the British rulers of our country, Shimla has a fantastic Mall which lies at the centre of the town. Do visit this place during morning and evening. You can enjoy horse riding if you want, you can enjoy watching how evening ascends on Shimla, sitting on the benches of Mall. Do not miss this place.
  • Shimla KaliBari: This is a famous temple of Shimla that you must not miss. Not only for religious reasons, the famous Shimla Kalibarihappens to be one of the most serene places of the entire city. Located just 10 minutes away from the Mal, this place will sooth your mind for sure. Do not miss the evening vesper services of this temple.
  • The Scandal Point, Ridge: This is one of the most popular places of Shimla which provides the tourists a breath-taking view of the whole Shimla valley and the snow-clad mountains that surround Shimla. Do visit this place.
Once you are done with Shimla, now let’s get Manali bound. Remember not to miss these fascinating places of Manali when you visit this city.
  • Rohtang Pass: Rohtang Pass is a stretch which connects Manali with the dreamy valleys of Himalayas that are located far North-Spiti and Lahaul. This pass is located almost 51km away from the city of Manali, and you might need special permission in order to visit this place. The snow-clad landscape of this Pass is something which will hypnotize you, that’s for sure!
  • Solang Valley: Another beautiful valley of Manali, the Solang Valley falls on your way from Manali to Rotang Pass. The breath-taking view of this place is mesmerizing, you will see the landscape getting mixed up with the horizon, in front of your eyes! Do not miss various adventure sports that are available here!
  • Hadimba Temple: At one side of Manali, there is Hadimba Temple which is surrounded by towering Deodar trees. This ancient temple with its mystic vibe all around it will make you fall for this place instantly!
Get to know Shimla Manali travel packages (Shimla Manali travel package) for your trip and have an uninterrupted and great trip of your life ahead! We wish you all the best!
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