Common Highway Motorcycle Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Among all the road users, motorcyclists are the most vulnerable to traffic accidents. With the absence of the body of an automobile for protection, motorcyclists sustain injuries ranging from mild to severe, when involved in collisions. Thankfully, a personal injury lawyer can always assist you with the legal procedures if you decide to file charges against the at-fault party. Your attorney will help you discover how you can get the most reimbursement to cover the losses resulting from the motorcycle accident. However, these motorcycle collisions are avoidable. Read on to learn about the common injuries caused by motorcycle accidents and the different ways you can prevent them.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

The traumatic brain injury happens when an external force is exerted on the section of the brain. Also known as intracranial injury, this condition can be caused by shaking the head violently in a back and forth pattern or by puncturing the skull and brain with an object. This condition results in cognitive, physical and emotional disabilities. The intracranial injuries are, by far, the gravest injuries among motorcyclists involved in traffic collisions. They are also more likely to happen to riders who fail to wear helmets. Based on a recent study, 6.6% of the motorcyclists who do not wear helmets sustain facial and head injuries from accidents.

Road Rash

Road rash, which is also known as road burn, is a form of friction burn on an individual's skin. Often, this injury occurs when the skin is dragged along the surface of the road. At times, a motorcyclist may be knocked off by another road user, and forced to travel along the roadway before coming to a halt. Road burns affect various parts of the body including the hands, arms, back and legs. Although not considered fatal, a road rash injury can lead to infections and require surgical interventions for severe cases.

Broken Bones

When involved in a collision, it is likely that a motorcyclist's bones will be affected. Factors that may cause this injury include falling on the ground surface at an odd angle, making contact with heavy objects or getting part of the body into an unnatural posture. A broken bone can occur at any region of the body, although the upper and lower regions are the most vulnerable.

Ways to Prevent Motorcycle Injuries

· Increase your visibility

A vast majority of car drivers, who are at fault during accidents claim that they did not spot the motorcyclist in time. Consequently, motorcyclists should take all precautions to increase their visibility to other road users. For instance, ride with high beams during the day. Besides, try wearing bright colored clothing and incorporate auxiliary lights to your bike.

· Wear a Helmet

Wearing a helmet mitigates the risk of facial and head injuries when involved in an accident. When purchasing a helmet, confirm that it meets your local transportation standards and have an extra one for your passenger.

· Acquire professional training

Motorcyclists, who are self-taught or taught by allies, are responsible for up to 90% of traffic accidents. When you undertake a training course, your riding skills improve, which adds to your overall safety and confidence on road usage.

· Do not drink before riding

Avoid taking alcoholic beverages if you intend to take a ride. Motorcyclists with alcohol in their systems are more likely to cause traffic accidents than sober riders.
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