Best Practise Guidelines for Family Lawyers

Practising law is not just a business it is also about providing the right legal counselling and moral support to people who are your clients. Determining the code of conduct for the people is required to ensure that they receive an overall idea about the court case and is mentally prepared to handle the situation.

Here is a list of certain guidelines which every family lawyer in Brisbane is expected to follow.

·         In the court of law things can get very nasty and disrespectful at times, which can cause a lot of mental agony for the contesting parties. It is expected from lawyers to be respectful and courteous towards their opponents in order to minimise conflict so that any kind conflict can be avoided. 

·         In family courts emotions run very high which makes it very difficult for a person to think objectively.  Family lawyers in Brisbane are expected to remain professional and not identify too much with any emotion of their clients which cause can lead them to identify with their emotion and lose track of the main points in the case.

·         In a court room where the level of emotional runs very high, it is not unusual for a person to lose their temper. Hence it is expected from a lawyer to maintain a certain level of decency and not use any kind of inflammatory language either towards their clients or towards his/her colleague representing his/her opponents. 

·         A good court case should be based on legal evidence and proof instead of foolish arguments and hypothesis which only serves the purpose of elongating the court case with the sole objective of killing time. Family lawyers should avoid all such actions which is aimed at hindering the progress of the case, of bullying the opponents or mislead the witness in a different direction.

·         The aim of a lawyer is to provide their clients with goof counsel and not to mislead them with false hope. If an out of court settlement is possible they should opt for that option and request their client to consider all aspects of the dispute.

·         Family lawyers in Brisbane should also guide their clients regarding the overall cost which they need to incur in order to go ahead with the case. Apart from costs they should also educate them about long and short term consequences of the case along with the risk and cost of communication.

·         In a case of a child custody the lawyer should take into consideration the effect which the case would have on the psychology of the child both on long term as well as short term basis.  Lawyers should advice their clients to keep the interest of the child before their own because failing to do so, would impact the wellbeing of the child in a long run. is a non-profit legal organization of family lawyers in Brisbane, whose aim is to work for the wellbeing of the clients rather than for profit. This however does not mean they offer substandard services. It only means that their services are more affordable than other family lawyers in Brisbane.
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