Are you planning to sell your RV to pocket some cool bucks? If yes, you need to look for buyers who are willing to pay instant cash for your motor home. But selling your used rig is not as simple as it sounds. It requires more care and maintenance than your family car. Else, you will have to shell out your hard-earned dollars for costly repairs. When a prospective customer visits to inspect your dated rig, he or she will have a look at the condition of its roof, doors, windows, and even slide-out rails for damage and corrosion. A buyer can use your rig as a home office, vacation cottage, or simply a vehicle to travel and explore places. This means that you need to keep your RV in the best of condition to sell it for good money. Here are some tips to maintain your rig and avoid incurring high-cost repairs: 

Keep Your RV Generator in Use
If your RV generator is unused for several months, you may need to replace it. The replacement might cost you as much as $1000, an amount that you aren’t very likely to willingly spend especially when you are looking for some fast cash. Gasoline has a limited shelf life of 30 days after which it may start to disintegrate and damage the internal components of your RV generator. To avoid such issues, make sure that you run the generator for about two hours every month with 50 percent load. This will keep it in a good operating condition. Failure to do so might damage the carburetor and prevent the fuel from powering the machine. Cleaning a damaged carburetor is not a feasible option either, which means the only option you will have is replacing the generator. 

Inspect Your RV Door, Windows, and Roof Seals
Motor homes are often damaged by water leaking into it through defective seals and because of weather stripping. The seals will deteriorate over time, and when they start disintegrating, more moisture leaks into your RV, damaging the vehicle and resulting in mold. This is the reason why you should inspect seals around your rig’s doors and windows every three months. This will prevent damage to the vehicle surface. Besides door and window seals, you must also do a periodic inspection of the roof seals. Make sure that you check them every six months. Look for any loose pieces, cracks, water stains or any other damage. Do not ignore small cracks because even the smallest breaks will let more water to seep inside the rig.

Keep the Roof Covered
Your RV roof is vulnerable to dirt, dust, wind, heat, rain, and other environmental elements. If you ignore these problems, your motor home will sustain substantial damage, costing you dearly. Repairing or replacing a damaged roof is not a feasible idea because it will cost you thousands of dollars. The best way to avoid such problems is to keep your rig protected under an RV carport. You can even use a typical motor home cover to prevent damage from the external elements. You can usually customize these covers based on the size of your home-on-wheels. Most of these covers provide a warranty of up to 40 years. Additionally, you should also clean your motor home regularly to remove the black lines or marks that show up on the sides of the vehicle.  

A well-maintained RV will attract serious buyers who will pay quick cash for your motor home. Proper maintenance is the best way to keep your rig in top shape and help increase its resale value.

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