How do you select a perfect car cover?

Everyone knows that the purpose of car cover is to protect the surface of the car from harmful climate and pollution. A harmful climate is the hot and cold condition of car that has to tolerate the fluctuation in thermal load. Any car cover that serves it purpose is a perfect one and what are the qualities a car cover should have. Obviously it helps in the selection process.

  1. Water resistance
  2. Breathable
  3. Scratch prevention capacity
  4. Weight less
  5. Long life
The selected cover should have high water resistance then only it will not let the rain water diffuse into the metal body through the cover. So mostly the outdoor car cover should have the high water resistance.

The air breathable capacity of cover is common for both indoor and outdoor cover. Because the humidity in the air always try to diffuse into the paint. That has to stop because car is going to be parked for long stay. So diffusion of water occurs. But the rate may be lower. Over a long stay, eventually it starts to fade the beauty of the car. So the good car cover should be air breathable to prevent the air trap under it.

Some people uses a cotton kind of cover which is good in absorption of humidity but the weight of the car cover is huge. So on the weight scale it is better to go for some artificial fibre covers. This gives long life and all the above said issues can be satisfied.

It is better to handle the car cover softly because there are possibility that this rough handling may scratch the paint. So soft and smooth is always welcomed. And the maintenance of car cover is required. Every time it is polluted again and again continuously. Eventually it has to be cleaned after few number of cycles. A standard recommended chemicals are available to wash. Sometimes an ordinary detergent soap is enough.

Most of the time, the car cover comes as a freebie with new car or with some other accessories. The same can be purchased in online market also. Similar to other products the car cover carries the guarantee and life time card. If something found unfit, you can get back the cash in a stipulated time. When you use the car cover, make sure it is dry and clean.
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