Converting a Bus into an RV: Factors to Consider

Do old buses make comfortable motor homes? The answer is YES! With some personal touch and professional help, you can transform an outdated ‘box’ into a compact rolling home. And know what? It’s not at all difficult to find buses on sale for conversion. All you need to do is research several listing sites.  However, before buying a schoolie, decide what you exactly want from it; otherwise, you will end up buying a wrong unit.  Also, don’t take a fancy to the first one you spot on a selling site. It may not be the ideal option for you. Before you zero in on a unit, make sure it has all the desired features. Consider the following aspects while researching your options:

Before You Get Started
Even before you start looking for a suitable coach with an intention to convert it into a rig, there are a lot of things to consider. Here are a few pointers that you might find helpful:

·         Design
Draft the interior design that you want in your motor home. This will help you figure out the appropriate length of the bus that you would require.

·         Living Plans
While designing the bus, decide whether you want to live in it for full time, part time or for a few days during a road trip. If you are planning to live in the bus for an extended period, you might need a bigger unit, capable of meeting your lifestyle needs such as cooking, dining, sleeping, showering et al. You might need a small storage space as well. But if you plan to use it occasionally, a smaller bus will do.

·         Budget
It’s the available cash in your hand that ultimately decides the size of the bus you can purchase and the list of amenities you can incorporate into it. You may opt for some already converted buses within your budget, but they might not offer all the features you need— which means further remodeling and added expenditure. One solution to this is to buy a cheaper bus and remodel it. It may require you to fix many damages, but provided these ‘flaws’ are still easily repairable, it is the most cost-effective option for creating a customized rig.

·         Skill and Resources
If you are not skilled enough or do not have the proper tools to convert your bus into an RV yourself, you will need to seek professional help, which in turn will increase your expenditure.

·         Time Available
How much time can you spare for renovation work? Consider this aspect before you even start looking for a suitable bus. If you have enough time to finish the project, you can start the conversion yourself; but if you have less time, you should look for a coach that does not require a thorough rework.

Before you buy a bus to convert, you must also probe into its maintenance history as that will help you to make your decision. Professional help will be required in case of any breakdown, and even a small problem that makes it necessary to tow your rig may cost you a lot. So, before sealing the deal, ask a proof from the seller which shows that the parts of the bus have been recently replaced or serviced.

The joy of creation is immense. Building your motor home from a bus on sale for conversion can be a rewarding and satisfying experience. And if you do it yourself, repairs will also become easier as no one would know better than you how you have put everything together.
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