Enjoy the Amsterdam Schiphol airport duty free items

If you are the one, who is flying from the airport of Amsterdam Schiphol, then you have the great opportunity to make purchases of Amsterdam Schiphol airport duty free items from the available shopping centers. This can be easily done after going through the whole passport control. At the very same airport, you can make your choice of purchases at the duty free prices which also helps you with great savings on the same.

For starting off with the shopping of duty free items, you only need to present your boarding card for endless purchases.

 The duty free shopping got abolished in the year 1999 for the travellers travelling within the place due to some changes in the government regulations. However, the passengers who travel the different destinations outside the EU can easily make the duty free purchases from the place. For preventing the travellers to pay higher prices for the items based on their destinations, the retailers available at the airport agreed on harmonizing the prices for both EU and Non EU destinations. The amount of VAT which was normally borne by the buyers or travellers of EU destinations were now borne by the retailers, thereby cutting down the prices of shopping items

The retailers policy of paying the VAT by themselves kept the prices at lower levels and which also allows all the departing passengers at the airport of Amsterdam Schiphol for shopping their favorite items at duty free prices. The retailers available at these airports can ask you for the boarding pass, it is because that they have a legal obligation of registering the exact different between the duty free and taxable sales. This type of difference is entirely based on the destination of passengers, which can be within or outside the EU. Moreover, they has to be more certain about their items, that they are actually sold to the passengers and not to the person who works at Schiphol, as they are now allowed for enjoying the duty free items.

However, the items of Amsterdam Schiphol airport duty free include some of the exceptions. The two distinguish prices are charged for the tobacco, one for the destinations within EU and the other ones are for the destinations outside the EU. As the EU does not allows the price reductions in the tobacco, there are some categories of products which are not subjected to normal regulations as flower bulbs, flowers, magazines, books, these all are completely taxable, no matter whether you are traveling inside the place of EU or outside the places of EU.

As the amount of VAT is paid directly by the retailers, the consumer can enjoy great benefits on the purchased product, by saving huge amount of money. Moreover, the shops available at the Schiphol also keep on coming with some special offers on complete product range, that are generally cheaper around 30 per cent in the local shops. Enjoy by shopping your favorite Amsterdam Schiphol airport duty free items today.
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