Steps on How to Clean Your Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are becoming the top choice of many Australian car owners and enthusiast. Because of their durability and endless variety of styles and designs, it is not surprising that car owners who want to upgrade their wheels turn to these variants.

If you think you are ready to upgrade your wheels into alloy ones, then you should know how to find good retailers in your area. There are many good retailers of alloy wheels in Australia (e.g. Advanti wheels, Autec, BBS, Borbet, Ronal, Sparco) in Australia, but the challenge is to find one that could provide you quality products at a reasonable price. If you want to find the best retailer in your area, you may want to consider doing these steps:

Consult car enthusiast or experienced consumers – If you are new to setting up vehicles, it is advisable to consult with your colleagues or friends who have more experience in purchasing car parts and products. They can help you find good retailers in your area and refer good brands that you need.

Visit local retailers – You can use your free time to survey local retailers in your area. You can ask their personnel and in-house experts for advice on what type of alloy wheel and brand to get. While visiting shops, do not forget to get a brochure or flyer and to ask for their price and service rate; by doing this, you can have better grasp on the budget you would need for your purchase.

Consider online shopping – Today, with the help of the Internet, you can buy car parts online. You don’t have to sweat in looking for neighboring automotive supplies retailers. Instead, you can do your shopping with the use of your computer or smart device. However, be picky with the online shops you will be dealing with. There are plenty of scammers and fraud artists online, and you would not want to deal with them. Make sure that the shop you will get your wheels from has a solid reputation and high client satisfaction rating.

Now that you have purchased new set of alloy wheels, perhaps Advanti wheels, for your vehicle, it is now time to learn about how to wash them properly. Many auto owners tend to have car wash facilities take care of the cleaning of their tyres and wheels. However, if you are the type of owner who wants to be hands-on on his vehicle, learning how to clean your new wheels by your lonesome is necessary.

Rinse the wheels – The first step is to rinse wheels in order to remove dirt and brake dust. It is recommended to use water hose with fine steam of water to get rid of the dirt and dust much faster and easier.

Scrub wheels with sponge – The next step involves removing dirt and dust that were not removed from the first step. With the use of sponge, scrub the wheels gently, targeting areas where dirt and brake dusts are present.

Use solution – After doing the second step, don’t be surprised if you can still see some dirt and dust as this is natural. With the use of a solution specifically made for wheel cleaning, scrub the areas where dirt and dusts are present, still using sponge and water. However, make sure to use appropriate and alloy wheel-safe solution.

Rinse off solution – After scrubbing off remaining dirt in the wheels, it is now time to rinse off the solution with water hose.

Dry the wheels – Lastly, dry the wheels with the use of microfiber cloth or chamois. Target all the areas and leave no area wet.

Making your new wheels squeaky clean is a must if you want to keep them away from wear and tear. To know more about proper cleaning of tyres and wheels, it is recommended to consult with car care experts who can give you more tips and advices.

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