Enjoy the Mountain with Sharp Peaks

About Wayna Picchu

Wayna Picchu is the mountain which is having sharp peaks around Urubamba River. It is located in the Cusco region.  It is situated on the altitude of 2.6 meters. This Mountain is considered the residence of local virgins and priest who would have start his day by coming to this mountain every morning. This mountain is having one temple also which is known by the name as Temple of the Moon. This place is considered best for tourism purpose where most of the visitors come and spend the day by enjoying its sharp peaks and temples.

Its peaks are dangerous too where is having many stones, where visitors are not allowed to visit during rainy season. These stores are very risky as where visitors are not comfortable for walk. Apart from that person who is bad physician conditions are also not allowed to visit the mountain. These mountains are having natural caves which are situated on the north side of the mountains. This mountain is also known by the name as “Mountain of Death”.

This mountain is so steep which left no place between for trail. The upper layers of the mountains look like a building which is having many stairs. It will give you the beautiful view of the bird eyes. This view is photogenic which will give users the best view of experience. It is having many landings and platforms which will give them the private and best moments that make their vacations enjoyable.

Known as Stairs of Death
This mountain is known as the stairs of death because of the stones which are on the steep, which will give the feeling to the person as they are climbing the ladder. It will give the beautiful view to the visitors where they will enjoy the peak with valley on the lower side. Person who will enjoy the mountain will have to be careful while climbing as if one step will miss you will lose their life. These mountains are having the height of 100 meters which becomes very risky for the person to visit with their family.

Way to Wayna Picchu

Visitors who are coming first time will follow the signs to reach on such mountain. Visit on this mountain is time consuming as it almost takes 45 min to climb. It will make you feel good by looking down the best view covering the greenery side of the mountains and capturing the good view of temples located on the side of the mountain. It is not necessary for the visitors that they can move up to only 400 meters, as there are no ropes for railing.

Tickets for Wayna Picchu is available online that can be taken in advance. 400 is the limit of the people who are allowed to visit the mountain. Tickets are valid from 7 to 8 am along with 10 to11 am. It is better for the person that they should move on this mountain with comfortable wearing which will include fast drying T-shirt with hiking shoes. Thus this place is best to visit with family along with friends.
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