I Really Need To Wash The Car!

Have you ever said those words? You try your best to live your life in a peaceful and organised way, but no matter how much you try, the time comes when you need to have your car spot on—maybe for an important event, for a job interview, or to visit a client—and you car is far from ready. What is worse, you don’t have the time to give your car the wash it needs.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in calling a mobile car detailing company. On the contrary, they could take away the gloom and make your day shine!


Were we to list all services the list would be really long, but basically they do all what you need to get your car the closest to what it looked like when it left the car dealership.


There are basically two areas to be tackled:

Carpets, Upholstery and Lining: As time goes by, you tend to clutter things in the car. The mobile car detailing company will remove all litter and then carefully vacuum the car. Now that the “bigger” things are gone, they dedicate time to properly clean all the upholstery and the carpets or mats (including the trunk).

They may use a brush and an air compressor to get rid of the dirt, or use a water compressor and a special shampoo to make your carpet look new. There are machines that inject hot water with soap into your seats and almost at the same time suck the water out using a powerful integrated vacuum cleaner. You can imagine the effect this has on all your seats.

Dashboard and other plastics: Many elements in your car are made of plastic, or similar materials. Although they don’t “absorb” dust and dirt like upholstery elements, they still accumulate dirt and at times this can be really stuck to it, like a second layer. Therefore it is necessary to use the right products.

Usually you need something to soften the dirt so it can be transferred onto your cloth, and another product to make it repel any dust, at least for a while. Of course plastic, vinyls and other elements need specific detergents, otherwise you could turn them mat and lose all shine, but you don’t have to worry with mobile car detailing companies as they know what to use.


Exterior includes a lot more. You probably have stains caused by tree sap, bird poo, or tarmac bits attached to your paint which—if left without removing—could cause further damage. So you will need a range of tools and products to get rid of them.

Afterwards you will need to make your paint have the same look on all your car, it’s the time to polish it. Mobile car detailing services will work on your windows too making them really clean, making driving your car a whole new experience.

So, remember. Do you think you don’t have time to clean your car? Call a mobile car detailing company and let them do the job. Thorough, fast and—of course—clean. If you are looking for car washing and detailing services, please visit http://carcare.net.au/
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