Before you put up your used motor home for sale, make sure it's clean, sanitized and smells good, especially the bathroom. When the foul odor from your rig's toilet can knock you out, just think how prospective RV buyers would feel if they're greeted with the stench when they come for a personal inspection. Don’t worry as you can always do away with that smell emanating from your RV toilet and sewer tank easily, and make your home-on-wheels ready for inspection. You can address this problem yourself to make sure that the odor is done away with completely. How? Here are three simple ways to do it:

1. Use the Right Vent Pipe
You'll find a range of chemicals to get rid of your RV bathroom smell. You can use a few of them when the waste collects in the septic tank, while the rest moves down the city sewer. But, they don't always work the way you expect. One of the problems with your motor home's toilet is the absence of sufficient ventilation of the black water tank. The odor is normally vented out of your RV's roof, but when cruising down the roads, a strong wind may often push the air back down the ventilation pipe instead of drawing the foul smell out. If you find that the vent pipe is not working, replace it with the one meant for keeping the odor out. This product will suck the bad smell out of the waste tank easily by creating a strong vortex. You will find them for about $23.
2. Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize the Waste Tank
Once you are sure that the waste has moved down, you need to clean, sanitize and deodorize the tank. Use Spic and Span or Pine Sol with a little water. We would recommend that you use a quality cleaner and deodorizer to keep the tank's insides clean and free from foul odor. Spic and span, for example, prevents the foul-smelling debris from clinging to the sides of the tank. Make sure that you clean and maintain your RV's waste tank periodically to keep odor at bay. Use a quality enzyme chemical regularly so that you are not required to do a deep cleaning frequently. Use the right cleaning product that helps in turning waste into liquid, and also prevents deposits from forming on the tank's sides.  
3. Clean the Toilet Flapper
It's pretty disappointing if you still find that the odor refuses to go even after putting in so much of effort. If the stench persists, it's possible that the commode flapper is not working properly. Most of the times the flapper does not close as fragments of toilet paper get stuck below the rim. You can fix this problem with the help of a rag. Soak the same in water, wipe the area inside and below the commode flapper thoroughly to get rid of any bits of tissue paper that might have stuck below the brim. If you find that this method is not working, you will have to get in touch with an RV repairman. He will fix the problem or ask you to replace the toilet if it's beyond repair. This is a rare occurrence though. In all probability, the RV repairer will fix the problem without recommending a toilet replacement. 
Implement these simple steps so that prospective RV buyers get to inspect your clean and odor-free motor home toilet. Prepare your rig before you put your vehicle for sale. Impress your buyers with a fresh-smelling rig so that they sign the dotted line of the final agreement.
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