Good news for discerning shoppers - Cannon gun safes Academy presents their top 5

If your hobby is of collecting various rifles, pistols and other firearms, then you must know the importance of having gun safes. The brand Cannon has been providing with the best collection of gun safes, and they are considered one of the best in the industry. People with good taste and knowledge regarding gun safes know where the brand Cannon stands.

Benefits of owning a gun safe like safes from Cannon gun safe academy

Whether you are a collector of firearms or a complete first-timer in purchasing a firearm, the gun safe will keep your firearms safe and secured. There are various other reasons as why it is so important of owning gun safes. They are described below:

                    If the firearms are kept in open there are ample chances of getting them stolen by thieves, gun safes protect them from this.
                    In the United States of America, in few states there is a law that whoever purchases or owns firearms must keep a gun safe. If found guilty the people with no gun safe may have to visit jail or pay fine.
                    The gun safes are created by making them fire and water resistant. If a any natural disaster occurs these gun safes will keep your valuable guns protected.
                    Children are generally very inquisitive; hence, if they find any firearm kept open they might like to play with it to know how it works, which is highly dangerous. These gun safes save you from any such incident.
General tips for selecting a safe from Cannon gun safe academy.

Before making a purchase for your gun safe for storing your valuable firearms surely, you need to follow certain tips. By following these key tips you can own a Cannon gun safe which will be perfect in serving your requirements. The tips are as follows:

                    Choose gun safes which are heavy as it provides more security and cannot be moved easily by anyone.
                    According to the measurement of that area where u want to place the gun safe, choose it in proper size.
                    Opt for gun safes which has more room to store your existing and future collection of firearms.
                    Opt for lock options between manual and electronic combination format.
                    Check the level of fire resistance as well as other natural disaster resistance property.

Unique features of Gun safes from Cannon gun safe academy. 

Since 1965 the brand Cannon is here, and time and again it has proved its quality in excelling as the most secured and popular brand meant for manufacturing gun safes. These safes are crafted by expert professionals, their unique features are as follows:

                    Lifetime replacement warranty against damage caused to their product against fire, theft or through any natural disaster without involving any extra cost.
                    Fire resistant property certified through fire test ratings.
                    Anti-pry tabs, bigger bolts, patented true locks, triple layer hard plating protects you from any burglary.
                    The interiors of the gun safe is completely adjustable, you can adjust shelves too.
                    Designed to store huge number of firearms all together.
                    The interior is equipped with media outlet and has power supply.

Top 5 picks from Cannon gun safe academy.

The best of the best from the collection of Cannon gun cases possessing the unique properties mentioned above are:-

                    Cannon P40 Patriot series
                    Cannon CO54 Commander series
                    Cannon S19 Scout series
                    Cannon CA33 cannon series
                    Cannon A100 Armory series

Set your specifications and pick the Cannon gun case from the above list for storing your firearms with a lifetime assurance of keeping your valuables firearms safe and secured.
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