Buying Guide for Golf Cart

To save time on movement at the golf course, the golf carts are used. It allows many physically challenged golfers to enjoy their favorite sport as well. During the busy season, it also keeps the game moving. In addition to this, many people tend to use golf cart transport as an additional means of transport or utility vehicles outside the course.
As a buyer, one should be aware of the different types of golf carts, mainly the gas as well as the electric ones and understand their safety features, to be honest.

You should also be aware of what you need to look when you purchase a golf cart and be aware of the local laws that govern their use. Though there are various options in the golf carts yet each of them has a few points that offer its uniqueness. There are electrically operated as well as fuel operated golf carts in the field.

Overview of golf cart:

Their primary objective was to transport the golfers from one place to another as well as the clubs from hole to another. In fact, most of the golf carts in the modern day are also used for this purpose. Other reasons for using golf carts could be for short range transportation like gardening, security, etc. as already stressed upon the fact that there are two types of golf carts, the gas versions, and the electrically operated one.

A point to be noted is that gas powered golf carts are used for transportation of non-golf related activity. Same as in the case of cars, golf carts can be purchased new or old depending upon the needs of the buyers.


The major decision concerning the purchase of golf carts as a first-time buyer is to opt for gas or electrically driven ones. Both of them have their positives as well as negatives though it is a known fact that the gas ones are less costly than their electrical counterparts. The main advantage of a gas golf cart is that it will run longer on one tank of gas than an electrical one on the same charged battery.

They are noisier than their electrical counterparts. Frequent gasoline is required to fill them, and they are also known to release harmful emissions into the environment. Along with it, theyrequire higher maintenance costs.

In the case of electrical ones, batteries that are charged need to be replaced after 5 years on an average. The replacement costs associated with it can stretch to $600. On the other hand, if proper care of batteries is not taken, their life span reduces, and they need to be replaced after 2 to 3 years.

Extra accessories like fans, lights or radios will eradicate the battery life to a large extent. They require a charger, and if the need arises, they need to be purchased separately.

The best part of the electrical golf carts is that the buyers tend to save costs on gasoline over a period of time as the modern ones are available with updated batteries.
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