A Day At Shilparamam, Hyderabad With Friends For The Most Memorable Memories

The word ‘shopping’ truly excites and perks up the face of a woman. Who knew, it can be as thrilling for a man, as for a lady! And it would be icing on the cake, if this shopping is accompanied with a lot of extraordinary cool stuff to do. And what more? Cheap prices! Excited? The City of Pearls should be your next destination this vacation.

Hyderabad has so much to offer to all the people, that even a 5-day trip to this City of Nizams could be less. So, this vacation why not visit Hyderabad, and give the nizams a chance to welcome and elate you. With the drop in the Mumbai to Hyderabad flights fare, it would be intellectual to book your tickets in advance for the upcoming vacation. There are discounts available in the ticket prices from other cities too. Do check and plan wisely.

Hyderabad has so many exciting and enthralling places across its land, but when it comes to shopping, a day could easily be spent at Shilparamam. Located in the heart of Madhapur, Shilparamam is secluded from the bustle of vehicular traffic or beggars, so you can trot in the market on foot and have a nice little trip.

Here are some fascinating things to do here.
  1. Shopping: The bazaar is quite popular for its handicrafts and traditional knick knacks, paper mache from Kashmir, Bidri metal work from Karnataka, Rajasthan’s popular Bandini work, Moradabad’s brassware, pearls from Hyderabad. Manipur’s bamboo work and a lot more. So, in a way you get to taste the flavours of every nook and corner of India. Do not forget to bargain here, as there is an unfathomable difference in the prices quoted and the actual prices. So, act smart, and save wide.
  2. Portrait Sketch: At the entrance of the bazaar, you can see sketchers with people sitting before them, posed and smiling to get themselves sketched. You can also get a portrait for you sketched with their miraculous fingers; black and white or coloured, choose accordingly.
  3. Street Food: The market embezzles with the scrumptious food sold at the kiosks and shops there. Gorge on delicious Pav Bhaji, Aloo Tikki, Chaat, Biryani, Chhole and what not!
  4. Henna Tattoo: Do you flinch away from the very thought of going under the needle and getting a tattoo made for yourself? There is a solution to every problem. Get temporary ones done. There are tattoo makers scrawled on the street which make beautiful tattoos from henna. Go stylish.
  5. Bullock Cart Riding: This is something you might not have witnessed anywhere before, in a city. Ride a bullock cart, without worrying about the approaching buses or cars, and enjoy with your friends, getting clicked on it.
Other Fun Activities: The evenings in the bazaar are quite a delight with the fascinating dance and music performances which take place in the center of the bazaar. Various folk dances and music shows take place by artists. There are also street plays which will enlighten you with some social theme. And what could be more interesting than getting your name painted on a single grain of rice! Try these cool things with your friends and make your trip memorable. All these activities make Shilparamam one of the most adored places to visit in Hyderabad with friends.
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