Shipping of Golf Cart Made Simple

Golf carts are designed mainly for moving across the golf course, but today they are popular forms of transport in retirement parks, condo complexes and gated communities. These three or four wheeled modes of transport are nimble and energy efficient.

The rising gas prices and concerns about convenient transport have led to doubling of golf cart sales in the last decade. Golf carts are of two types: electric and gas driven. The provision of insurance is valid in both types of golf carts.

Golf cart insurance is re-assuring for owners as it covers the golf cart on property, off property or even in transport. A typical coverage of insurance includes:

·         Coverage of damage to accessories
·         Liability of property damage and bodily injury.
·         Coverage of transport of golf cart by trailer carriers
·         Road side help and 24/7 claims service.

When planning to ship golf cart, proper organization and preparation are crucial. It is vital to consider all your options before conducting your golf cart shipment.

As in the case of car shipping, golf cart shipping must be done after examining references, tracking and insurance, which are important variables. You need to know much information about the carrier you have chosen for shipping your golf cart so that you pick the right carrier.

Insurance is a very important consideration. Collect together all quotes you receive from transporters and decide which insurance plan is ideal for your shipment. Considering coverage, you may opt for third party insurance. Getting everything ready when the carrier comes to pick up golf cart, will make the shipment process smooth and efficient.

Here are some steps for deciding to ship golf cart:

·         Get a free quote by online service or phone: You can also save money by letting carrier pick up golf cart as per their schedule. Get a lower price quote by being flexible about date of pickup and delivery.
·         Schedule pick up: You should decide on a date and time of pickup and be ready to pay the initial amount charged by the carrier. Fix a time of pickup with the driver, at least the day before shipping. Take care to remove any moveable or wobbly objects inside the cart.
·         Pick up: The driver will arrive at the decided time. He will also make a pre-shipment examination of the cart and take note of any pre-existing damages like discoloration, nicks, scratches, etc. This report will be included in the Bill of Lading.
·         Delivery: There is option of door to door or terminal to terminal delivery of golf cart. After delivery, you must make another inspection of the cart for any damage in transit, which must be added to the Bill of Lading and used to press for insurance claims.

These are some of the aspects of shipping your golf cart to a new destination.
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