How Rubber Speed Humps Helpful In Controlling Car’s Speed?

At times the speed limit sign is not enough to slow down the traffic. Several drivers think of staying a few limits off the track will not harm anyone. Such mindset can be extremely dangerous especially around school zones, playgrounds and even hospitals. The rubber speed humps are the perfect solution to put the drivers back in their limits without aggravating the driver. They would not have to stop every time they come near the hump, but the humps can considerably cut down their speed.

Advantages of the rubber speed humps:

Cutting Down Speed:

Rubber speed humps have the capacity to slow down the automobiles up to 10-20 miles per hour.  When you wish to deal with a speeding problem around your lanes, you can come up with this innovative solution. The rubber humps allow the traffic to keep moving at a reasonable speed and prevent the aggressive drivers from rash driving.

Easy Installation:

The rubber speed humps are easy to install. You can install the humps at any desired location. For instance, there is a sharp curve; you can place a hump on the street. A driver can ignore the sign but he cannot miss the hump. They are portable and easy to carry. Since they are lightweight, you can keep shifting their position as and when you find their need. Most importantly they occupy little space. So, if you wish to store, you can easily put them away.

Easy Removal:

Unlike the concrete humps, the rubber speed humps are easy to remove. You can simply coil them back to their original position and store them away. Majority of the speed humps come in canvas carrying case. This way you will not have to worry about maintaining them even when they are not in use. They make a good temporary solution over the regular humps. The rubber does not need any paving and hardening. This allows the installing and uninstalling extremely conveniently.

Easy Maintenance:

The rubber speed humps are naturally resistant to crumbling and cracking. Hence you need not worry about the traffic taking a toll on the humps. They might not be a secured as the concrete ones, but a little maintenance every week and you don’t have to worry about them. One has to keep checking if the humps have not loosened up from the vibration and regular traffic. That can be taken care of at regular intervals of time. Since it is easy to take off such humps, one can easily steal them. Hence you need to make necessary security arrangements for the same.


Apart from cutting down the speed, the rubber speed humps protect the pedestrians and children safe in the residential areas. Such humps are extremely useful when there is some construction or maintenance work at certain places and want the vehicles to move at a considerable speed. Every time you wish to increase the safety of your residential or work area, you can have the rubber humps at your disposal. They are extremely effective when it comes to pulling down the speed of any driver of a vehicle.

The rubber humps are extremely versatile and durable when it comes to dealing with the problem of the traffic. With lesser time to install over the asphalt or the concrete ones, you get to relocate and reuse them according to your need. They save a lot of costs and are usable in areas like playgrounds, hospitals, airports, schools and even parking lots. For all those who are looking for a creative solution to beat the problem of rash driving, the rubber humps offer the best option. Rubber speed humps are the most cost effective solution, which will help in decreasing vehicles speed.
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