What Does Toyota Have To Offer The Teen Driver?

When a youngster becomes of age where they are now qualified to become a new driver in the household the focus becomes on what is the best vehicle for them to have as their first ownership. For a great selection of vehicles ideal for the first time driver see what Tustin Toyota has to offer.

 In addition to having a trustworthy vehicle for the new driver, the type of driver education that they are receiving is highly important. Toyota is well aware of this and as such has partnered up with the Discovery Education to create Toyota Teen Driver. This is an excellent resource as an interactive website that provides many different types of resources concerning safe driving that can be taken advantage of by parents, educators, schools, and teens.

Toyota has put every effort along with Discovery Education into making this a program that is going to be most valuable not only to a new driver but any driver. They have put an invitation out to educators in driving instruction to participate in the educators challenge.

This is a challenge to develop a project-based lesson plan that focuses around safe driving. When individuals go to the site they are automatically going to be presented with the Teen Drive 365 video challenge. This is a contest where individuals that participate have a chance to win $15,000 if they win with their safe driving PSA entry.

 There is no doubt that this website that Toyota is participating in is loaded with valuable information for all drivers and particularly the young teen driver. Any parent that wants to ensure that their young one is getting all of the help they can get to make their future years of driving safe ones, would do well to encourage the kids to participate in this website. There are three divisions to it, one being for educators another for teens and a third for parents. This is just another fine example of how involved Toyota gets with their consumer base and the community. For a large selection of exceptional Toyota vehicles visit http://www.norwalktoyota.com/.
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