Emotional intelligence is more important than leadership

I was inspired by one of my clients. He actually came up with the title. He is extremely intelligent, but needs to work on his emotional intelligence.

You may have heard that Emotional intelligence (EQ) is twice as important as Intelligence Quotient (IQ) for successful leaders, but what does that mean?

Very intelligent leaders understand concepts and ideas very quickly, and expect others to understand them at the same pace. They get frustrated when people don’t understand them, but they also don’t want to take the time to help others understand them because of the fear of being condescending or pedantic.

As I told my client, you may be driving a Formula one car, but your team is in a school bus. You need to slow down to speed up, otherwise, whilst you may arrive at the destination you will still have to come back to find the bus, in case they may have taken the wrong turn.

By slowing down and ensuring everyone is on board and understands what is required, you will speed up success because you achieve your goal as a team.

Another problem with highly intelligent leaders is that they have the attitude of “I know the answer and I’m right”, therefore they don’t listen to the people working for them.

They don’t request input from their teams and so disempower people by telling them the most efficient path to achieve the outcome. Then they complain that nobody takes initiative. Imagine taking initiative and then being told that your idea is not good or not welcomed because the boss knows best.

These High IQ leaders and coaches have often been given feedback that they need to delegate, but they complain that people don’t deliver, and that it’s quicker to do it themselves. They fail to see the long term value of developing others.

They are also dumbfounded when people find them volatile or emotional as they think of themselves as highly logical people. They don’t notice how their frustration ( of others being so slow) leaks through in their language and behaviour.

As people move up through an organisation, it’s important to deliver results through others. In order to do that, leaders must inspire people to do their best, to go the extra mile, and that means conquering not only their minds, but their hearts. If not, they end up working around the clock because they don’t know how to get others to perform as required, and they still think that they will be quicker. As a result, they could end up burnt out or unable to manage their emotions effectively and neither outcome is desirable.

Such leaders aren’t clear about how their behaviour impact others, because they are so focussed on being efficient on achieving the outcome, they miss the big picture.
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