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Those in the world of business can understand that to know new investment opportunities and to handle the stakeholders in a better way, accurate information of the market developments is a vital tool. Now, in an era of globalization, businesses are not limited to any single nation and in fact, are spanning several nations across the globe. In such a scenario, getting unbiased and accurate forecasts for your business is no more impossible with Stratfor Global Intelligence at your side.  

The geopolitical intelligence firm located in Austin, Texas is reputed for its ability to forecast precisely by its unique methodology of processing collected intelligence or information and analyzing the same effortlessly. The best thing about the firm is that it is privately owned and is not affiliated with any political party or government which means it is eligible to present its forecasts without catering to the interest of a specific organization and is letting you down eventually.  

Regions covered by the intelligence firm 

Although, the firm caters to a world-wide clientele, some of the regions covered successfully by Stratfor Global Intelligence for collecting information and generation of forecasts or reports are the following ones. 

·         Africa
·         America
·         Asia Pacific
·         Europe
·         Soviet Union
·         Middle East
·         South Asia

Topics analyzed by the intelligence firm 

The firm boasts of a team of executives with sharp analytic minds which can have an insight of a large array of diverse topics helpful for different organizations or agencies to do planning, business or other things of great significance to their interests. Some of these topics are as follows: 

·         Economics/Finance
·         Energy
·         Military
·         Politics
·         Terrorism/Security

The advance knowledge of the global trends can prove a boon for any business aspiring to spread its wings at new locations in the overseas. The forecasts done by the firm facilitate the same and are immensely helpful for enterprises all over the world. It also offers an Enterprise Membership platform that organizes and delivers analysis on daily, weekly and monthly basis to meet the requirements of its enterprise clientele which mainly includes busy executives, fund managers and investors. Some of the services that these clients can get by taking a membership are the following ones:

·         Enterprise Portal
·         Quarterly Conference Calls
·         Intelligence Alerts  

Apart from all these, the services offered by Stratfor Global Intelligence are aimed at enterprises are all the more including geo-political risk assessment, analysis and entry strategies for new markets, strategic planning support, business advocacy, tactical intelligence support, protective intelligence, global intelligence monitoring and so on.

The firm acknowledges that to make informed decisions to lead a business, it is important to have right information or intelligence and they offer the same to make businesses enter into new markets and grow their operations without any problems by anticipating the troubles in advance.  

One can download its app too from the Apple Store or Google Play Store easily. The firm has an active presence on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and others too.
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