Best Ways to Beat the Winter Blues and Be a Winter Miracle

It’s time to start thinking about ways to beat the winter blues.  If you haven’t noticed, the air is getting colder, the sun is going down sooner, and there seems like there’s no point in even trying to get through the winter.  But that’s crazy talk - every year this happens and then before you know it it’s the summer again and you’re sweating and heading down to the community pool.  If you are feeling the winter doldrums again this season, it’s time to think of ways to beat the winter blues and make it a winter to remember.  There are so many things you can do to make yourself more comfortable, here are some ideas.

Suck Up The Cost and Crank the Heat


If you are someone who is frugal with the heat and are always shivering at home, you are in for a long cold winter.  A better idea is to get a second small part time job, just about 5-10 hours a week, and use that extra cash to just go to town on your thermostat.  Crank her up to 80!  Drink some summer cocktails.  Why not?  You will have less time in the house since you have this extra job, and so that time that is at home can be cozier.  It doesn’t matter, you are just thinking about how your dad would always turn down the heat.  You don’t have to, you can enjoy the heat and make it through the winter alive.

Hit the Beach

Then of course you can hit the beach.  You might be thinking we’re crazy, because it’s too cold, and you also don’t live anywhere near the beach.  Well, we’re not saying hit just any beach!  If you live in Maine, going to the beach is definitely not going to help you beat the winter blues!  What we mean is get yourself a nice car for rent from carrental los angeles and take a bunch of friends to the actual beach.  You can go to Miami, you can go to Mexico, you can go anywhere that the roads will take you.  What is going to beat the winter blues more than a big road trip to the beach? Nothing, that’s what!  See what kind of cars you could rent at AvonRents.

Drink it Away

You know that feeling of not being able to remember much from last night?  Well, what better way to forget the winter than to drink yourself through it. If you keep a steady, significant buzz on, you will not have anything to fear as you will plow through the cold months with out even the ability to care.  You’ll just keep hauling off that whiskey bottle and getting woozy and wobbly until it’s all of a sudden the first day of baseball and you know you’ve made it through the most difficult time.  That’s a pro tip if ever there was one.
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