5 Best beaches apart from Goa you need to take a look at

If you’re love with sands and sea, the shores of India are equipped with some of the best beach attractions to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Where everybody looks at Goa for their beach fun, there are other lesser known and underestimated beaches in India, worth taking a trip.
Here are some of the best beaches in the Indian shoreline, which are often neglected over other famous ones.

Where beaches of Goa always take the top slots in tourists circuits, there are few which are often visited but never looked like a tourist place and there are others which have been kept aloof from tourist activities. Let’s take a look at some of these fantastic beaches in India.

Gopalpur-On-Sea - Once a lively tourist spot, today this fantastic beach is just limited to celebrate festivals and other occasions. Lying in the southern part of Odisha, apart from tourists on festivals, the beach is frequented by offbeat tourists and fishermen from the nearby villages.

The Gopalpur beach, on the whole is a refreshing outing from your mundane lifestyle. If you find the beaches of Goa crowded, then taking a u-turn towards this beach in the Eastern shores would be an enriching experience. If not been to Odisha before, you can opt for Beach packages, that will provided a guided tour of the region.

Marina - Considered as one of the longest shorelines of a city on the planet, the Marina or Kamaraj Salai beach extends for five kilometers from the harbor at George Town to the San Thome Cathedral.

Today, the beach is one of the major tourist attraction in the city, yet quite unknown for people coming from other corners of the country. You can find all sorts of fun activities going on in this beach, from picnickers riding on horses to few flea shops and fast food stalls. The Marina beach is like the ultimate relief rom the crowded quarters of the city.

Daddy Nashini - Don’t be amused by its hip name, which actually means ‘destroyer of sin’ in Malayalam. This beautiful white sandy beach in Varkala sees tourist coming to visit the centuries old Janardhana Swamy Temple in the starting of Western ghats. You can explore the temple premises but try not to bring your camera out, as the locals consider the temple proceedings highly sacred.

Beacon Beach - Located in the beautiful town of Kovalam, you might recognize this beach with the main attraction, a lighthouse. Constructed by the Dutch to oversee coming foreign attackers, the lighthouse stands as a picture postcard for tourists. You can climb up its 142 steps and enjoy a fascinating view of the entire region. Worth taking a Gopro!

Ullal Beach - Mangalore and its scenic beaches are known for both a relaxing and adventure filled holiday. Amongst them, the Ullal beach offers a bohemian getaway from the clutter of the city. Lined with curvy palm trees, one of the best way to enjoy a soothing holiday is to camp at night. With star filled sky, reflection of the moon on waves and sitting by the bonfire will prompt you to switch off your phone and immerse in natural bliss.
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