10 Essential Attributes You Need to Become an MOT Tester

Many people want to become a Vosa MOT tester, and for good reason. But what are the attributes and qualifications you need to make this professional leap? Here are 10 of the most important requirements you need to secure this type of role, which should put you on the path to success.

A Full UK Driving License
This is necessary for obvious reasons, but you should also know that you need to be qualified to drive the vehicle classes that you also want to be able to test when you become a Vosa MOT tester. So a standard car license will not be enough to let you test full-sized HGVs, for example.

Experience as a Mechanic
A minimum of four years' experience working as a mechanic in a skilled role will be necessary to prove that you have what it takes to start doing MOT tests for a living.

No Outstanding Convictions or Offences
To receive an NT (Nominated Tester) qualification, you must not have any convictions related to the testing, servicing or trading of cars. Violent offences are also enough to prevent you from being eligible for qualification.

A Nomination
Perhaps the most important part of this process is securing a nomination from an examiner that is authorized as part of the existing MOT testing infrastructure.

A Good Reputation
This may sound a little vague, but essentially it means that you must be well regarded in the industry and have proven yourself to be an honest operator in your professional career as a mechanic so far.

An Accepted Qualification
There is a long list of qualifications and accreditations which you can have under your belt to ensure that becoming an MOT tester is in your future. This includes City and Guilds qualifications as well as VRQs, NVQs and SVQs. Check the DVSA website for a full list.

Complete the NTTA Exam
The Nominated Tester Training Assessment (NTTA) is the exam you will need to pass in order to move forward down this particular career path once your eligibility to complete it has been established. Passing this can stand in place of having a relevant qualification, so it is worth pursuing.

Complete the NTT Course
After proving your eligibility and offering up an appropriate qualification or completed NTTA exam result, you will need to take part in the Nominated Tester Training (NTT) courses run by the DVSA. These are usually held over the course of two to three days, and they can be booked online for convenience.

Take a Refresher Course
Be aware that once you have become an official NT with the ability to carry out MOTs, you will need to refresh your skills every five years with a course. So being prepared for this eventuality is important.

Be Persistent
While there is a lot of work involved in becoming a Vosa MOT tester, with the right training and guidance it is something that you can achieve with confidence.
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