Why a Business Travel Agent is a better Preference than Internet Booking?

Preferring internet over professional travel agents cannot be always favourable

This is a digitised era where we get all the important processes done through various websites. Right from shopping clothes and other items to booking hotels and flights are done with the click of a mouse. While flights and train tickets can be compared and booked at any time of the day online, is it really helpful in fetching you a good deal? Especially for organizations it can be really expensive to book flight tickets for a few employees or a group and also the hotel accommodation. The time that is spent for booking the best deals for business travel can be even more. Thus it is wise to seek professional help from the travel agents for business flights. 

How these professionals are of help to you?

They will know what is a good deal: For any familiar flight route, you may know what the right deal is. However for places where you haven’t been before or if there are fluctuations in prices, things can be difficult to guess. A travel agent will save you here with his experience and skills, providing you with the best deal that you can’t find on the internet. 

You can book for a group on the same flight with seats together: If you are booking online for a team within your organisation, there are chances that some tickets will vary in prices. Also a person may have a far away seat or a different flight in case he/she is a late addition to the trip. But a travel agent will take care of these issues that include booking and negotiation of group booking discount. 

You get can get in contact anytime: While internet can be accessed for 24 x 7, the helplines for websites are available for certain hours. With the help of an agent you get emergency service even when the time is outside the given time limit of the site or source’s accessibility. You or your employees can also get accommodation facilities in case they are stuck anywhere. You can also clarify details or ask for changes to make the process less complicated. 

The agent will handle cancellations or delays: If you are booking on an internet site, you won’t get any after sales service. N one will help you to know of the details of any cancellation and get a rebook. However, a professional travel agent saves you from the trouble of queuing up at an airport or a station to listen to announcements. They will simply do it all for you if you ask them to do so. 

These agents have good connections: A business travel agent is supposed to be well connected with different suppliers. The ones who are really good in this field will have good relationships as well. They are also able to secure a given rate for the routes that are generally used. You are also likely to get some perks and may get to know of a new deal. A lot of travel consultants will also get the right sources for you, in case they aren’t able to answer your queries.
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