Hop Aboard the Treatful Odyssey of Agra

Agra, the TajNagari of India, is a city in North India's Uttar Pradesh state. Eminent for its sweet delicacy, petha, and one of the 7 wonders of the World, the Taj, Agra was once home to the powerful Mughals. The spellbinding aura of the TajMahal attracts voyagers from over the world reliably to this faultless city of Agra. In any case, it's not only the Taj that pulls in individuals from around, it is also the strangely delicious food in this city that makes the epicureans wag their tails in awe.

What is the purpose of visiting Agra when one doesn’t visit the breathtaking TajMahal? Similarly if one does not dig into the vivacious kinds of the city's finest food spots, the excursion to Agra is viewed as inadequate. Another cousin of Agra, Lucknow, is also a major foodies’ magnet, and a direct Agra to Lucknow train would ferry you to this city of nawabs effortlessly, but talking of Agra, the city has an unusual flavour of a rich culture, and a legacy in the form of the Taj. Here's a subtle rundown of the "must-hoard" things in Agra straight from the avenues to the finest kitchens of Agra hotels and eateries.

1. Petha
Ever heard the phrase "AgrekaPetha"? If not then there is a dire need for you to try out the magnificent Agra's renowned petha. It is actually a sweet dish produced using white pumpkin. The more famous is by the brand Panchhi which is very closely connected with the petha legacy. Pack a box or two, or more, for the people back home since this one needs to be shared for added joy.

2. Dal Moth (grows)
Daal moth is a crunchy, tasty snack thing made out of dim lentils. It makes for a mind boggling snack with tea. One can undoubtedly find a Dal Moth vendor or booth at anyplace all through the city, and this nibble makes for an incredible sustenance amid those tiring shopping junkets.

3. Dasaprakash Restaurant
For a scrumptious south indian in this north indian city, head up to Dasaprakash Restaurant at Gwalior Road. This spot serves the yummiest idli, vada, dosa, and the preferences in Agra. The comfortable feel of this fine eatery adds more to the entire south indian culinary treat.

4. Joney's Place, Agra
One of the most seasoned nourishment foundations in Agra, Joney's Place is a chic eat-out serving a variety of multi food best. The most looked for after things in their menu are the Puri-Choley (fried flatbread with chickpeas) and hummus with falafel. Aside from these two, one can enjoy the super mouth watering numbers from their menu with the likes of pasta, hotcakes, curries, sandwiches, and so on. Joney's Place can be spotted at the acclaimed TajGanj zone around the TajMahal, where one can even search for the best budget hotels in Agra.

5. Just Restaurant
A standout amongst the most upscale eateries of the TajNagari, the Only is the best place in the city which one can bank upon for a yummy regal Mughal treat. Aside from Mughlai, this spot serves astonishing Continental, Afghani, and Chinese food. An immaculate spot for an extravagant supper with family or companions.

So once that greatly anticipated outing to the Taj is over, head up for one of these spots to satisfy those craving strings in the city of Agra. The city truly has a ton to make anybody fall head over heels in affection with it.

Added tip: to continue with this heritage expedition, you can extend your trip to the Pink City, Jaipur. An Agra to Jaipur train would maximum take 5 hours to reach its destination. So try out this amazing Agra-Jaipur junket and not just Agra, but even the royal city of Jaipur has spellbinding culinary options to spoil you to the core. Enjoy!
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