Choosing The Travel Insurance For The Senior Citizens

All of us including the senior citizens love holidaying by spending our vacations at distant places. Likewise we may have to travel due to other reasons like attending marriage ceremonies or business trips etc. It is suggested that insurance cover for the journey including the one for travel insurance for over 60s is obtained in time so that compensation for any misfortunate incident is claimed.

Senior citizens intending to buy travel insurance are advised to adhere to the following tips:

a.   Not just cost – Many people give more consideration to the cost of the insurance policy. It may be noted that cheapest policies are always not good. These policies may not provide adequate cover for your holidaying and the associated risks. Deep thought must be given to the medical cover that is the most important aspect of travel insurance policy. It is recommended that all medical conditions may be highlighted when buying the travel insurance including the one for the senior citizens. Failure to do so may invalidate the entire policy.

b. Price comparison – Price comparison websites are more popular these days. It is better to research the travel insurance providers that make available sufficient data related to the price comparison. It may be noted that all travel insurers may not be registered with price comparison websites. It is better to shop around and compare the costs and choose the most suitable policy.

c.   Coverage – Choosing the travel insurance policy involves various aspects that are required to be covered under it. Do give due consideration to things like cancellation, cover for medical conditions and loss of personal possessions etc.

d. Cancellation and curtailment cover – Different travel insurance policies including the Travel insurance for over 60s may contain cancellation and curtailment cover. It is better to shop around and choose the one that suits the total cost of the holiday trip. Other things should also be taken into account.

e.   Delays and missed departure – Many travel insurance providers include cover for travel delay and missed departure in their policies. As such it is better to get this aspect included in the travel insurance including the one purchased for the senior citizens.

f.          Loss of baggage – Loss of baggage during travel is quite common. We hear that so and so passenger has lost his or her bag while travelling to distant places. As such the travel insurance policy should cover this important aspect too for which the travel insurers are liable to make the due compensation. Senior citizens travelling to far off places must ask the insurers to include this major aspect in the insurance cover.

g. Exclusions – The travellers including the senior citizens must know what has not been included in the insurance cover. This is as important as what has since been included in the insurance cover. It is necessary that the travellers go through the policy exclusions.

h. Policy excesses – Choosing a travel insurance policy involves excesses applied to make a claim. It may be noted that cheaper policies may result in higher charges for claims.

Senior citizens while travelling abroad must consider the above aspects when they purchase travel insurance cover.
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