Using Chroma Key in a Car Video with the Movavi Video Editor Review

Chroma key is a type of visual effect that is really great when you’re creating car videos. Commonly known as ‘green screen’ technology, it will allow you to ‘superimpose’ one video on top of another. Imagine being able to record a video showing off several cars from different angles and then merging it all together by ‘superimposing’ yourself in front of them as you talk about them.

Although that may sound a bit out of your league in terms of production value, the fact is that the Movavi Video Editor will allow you to pull it off – with minimal fuss to boot. To use it all you need to do is:

  1. Load the two videos (the background and the foreground) into the Movavi Video Editor by clicking on ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting them.
  2. By default both videos will appear in the ‘Timeline’ so you need to find the foreground video there and ‘drag’ it upwards into the ‘Overlay track’ that will appear when you do so.
  3. Double click the foreground video once it is in the ‘Overlay track’ and select ‘Chroma key’ from the dropdown list above the ‘Preview’ window.
  4. By the side of the ‘Chroma key’ setting you’ll see a color that should correspond to the color of the background of your foreground video. If it doesn’t click the green box and click the background of the video in the ‘Preview’ screen.
  5. Click ‘Apply’ to finish applying the effect.
  6. Save your video when you’re satisfied by clicking ‘Export’ and choosing a format or a preset to automatically optimize it for a specific device or platform.
As you can see the entire process of using even a complex special effect such as Chroma key is made easy and intuitive with the Movavi Video Editor. The same applies to all its other features, including being able to improve the video quality, add background music, correct problems with your videos, cut and combine video segments, and even add in other types of special effects and filters.

In no time you’ll be able to create some pretty great looking car videos that really look completely professional. Whether you want to show off your own car on social media or plan to create the next hit YouTube car video channel – this will help you do everything that you need.
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