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When it comes to insurance coverage, you cannot afford to take chances. Auto, life and home insurance are essential parts of your well-being. In fact, you cannot own a home or vehicle without this insurance coverage. However, before you can make the purchase, you have to find a quality insurance company in Massachusetts. There are so many companies available, so what sets one apart from another. Some of the top insurance companies in Massachusetts are highlighted here. Knowing what these are, can help you choose one for the coverage that you need.

When looking for any type of insurance, you should consider contacting Murphy Insurance Agency. This is the biggest independent, family owned agency in all of Massachusetts. They handle all varieties of financial, business and personal insurance and work with over 25 different carriers with access to more than 100 others to develop a customized plan that meets each client’s specific needs.

The Murphy Insurance Agency was first started in 1937 by D. Francis Murphy. He had a passion of this business and wanted to help take care of others in the community. Today, still, it is a family owned and operated business that offers coverage to third and fourth generation client families.

With more than 70 years in the business, the company has changed and transformed to meet the specific needs of their clients and keep the pace with the changing demands of the hectic insurance industry. There are now seven locations of this insurance agency to serve clients in this state.

Kaplansky Insurance Agencies

At Kaplansky Insurance, you will find a full service agency that is headquartered in Brookline. There are a total of 11 offices located throughout Southern and Eastern Massachusetts, which currently insures more than 19,000 clients. This agency serves individuals, businesses and families for all insurance needs they may have. Some of the products offered at Kaplansky Insurance Agencies include life insurance, business insurance, home insurance and auto insurance, as well as benefits. Since this is an independent agency, they are able to represent a number of different insurance companies as both the broker and the agent. Kaplansky is considered one of the top independent insurance agencies offered in the Northeast.

This agency promotes personal development and education to the point where each of the employees works to achieve the maximum level of business and personal potential while working to the industry recognized designation. This is a company that is consistently striving to improve both external and internal communications so that their employees, clients and other insurance companies will fully understand the services and products that are offered.

Merrimack Valley Insurance Agency

Personalized options, affordable prices and a dedication to strong relationships with clients and carriers, Merrimack Valley Insurance agency is distinguished from their competitors based on these factors. This company has been serving the state of Massachusetts for more than 30 years and has consistently demonstrated a genuine concern for the clients who are in the local community through the complete insurance offerings that are available. This is only enhanced by the complete insurance services and the established personal relationships with various independent financial representatives.

This company has been offering their services to both businesses and individuals in the local area since 1978 when the agency was originally founded. Since then, the employees have worked diligently to build a reputation for comprehensive customer satisfaction, which is evident by the large number of long-term clients, some of who have been with the company since its very first year in service.

The company is also dedicated to being active in the local community and considered a “go-to” source for any insurance related information. If you are looking for a professional and reliable company to fulfill your insurance needs then contacting Merrimack Valley Insurance Agency today is a must.

Rogers & Gray Insurance

Founded back in 1906 with headquarters in Massachusetts, this insurance company ranks in the top 100 of independent insurances agencies in the entire U.S. It was also recently selected as one of the “Best of the Best” in the entire nation and the number one Independent Insurance Agency in all of the New England area to work for. This company is composed of dedicated insurance professionals who are able to help manage business and personal risk with a consultative approach that is designed to ensure the right coverage is selected for every, single client they serve.

When you contact Rogers & Gray Insurance, you can talk with your personal Client Manager who will be responsible for managing your portfolio and all the coverage that you have. This includes any type of policy – home, life, and auto - that you may need. You can count on the professionals here to ensure you receive the coverage that you need.

Ross Insurance Agency Inc.

The Ross Insurance Agency has been providing services for personal insurance needs in the Pioneer Valley since it was first founded in 1925 by George V. Ross. This agency began directly after World War II. Several generations later, when a number of local businesses have customers from all around the world and social networks are the primary source of communication, the team at this insurance agency is carrying on the traditions and the commitments that have kept the business afloat for more than 85 years.

They are committed to not only providing quality and custom insurance coverage to clients, they are also dedicated to providing the best possible relationships for their employees and the carriers they work with. When you use this company for your insurance needs – no matter how big or small they may be – you can feel confident that you will receive customized service that meets your particular needs.

Don’t use a second rate insurance company. If you do, there is the real likelihood that you will receive second rate insurance coverage. Using the companies here will ensure that you get the customized coverage you need for superior protection.
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