Mechanic, the One Person Who Can Understand Your Precious Car Much Better

A car is one of the precious assets of a man and to buy his first one is a dream come true. Now a day’s buying a car is easy, but maintaining them is a big hassle. Apart from maintaining them everyday personally, there are times where the car becomes faulty due to various reasons and needs the help of a doctor, called mechanic or technician. They are the heroes in repairing cars and save the day for the owner of the car.

Various aspects taken care by a mechanic are:
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Offering best solution
  • Repairing and fixing
  • Servicing

Any type of car is it a high end or a normal car, always faces some problem or the other during the course of its lifetime. It could be engine problem, drivability problem, battery issues, electrical issues, brake problems, steering and suspension problems, transmission issues or any other problems. A car cannot function in a normal way if the owner faces any of the above problems. It needs immediate attention from an experienced technician who can diagnose the actual cause of the problem and provide suitable solutions to rectify it. The technician should have sound experience in both the hardware and the software part of the vehicle. The hardware part includes the engine, tire and other parts while the software part includes the onboard computers, electronics section in the high end modern vehicles.

Technicians and their experience vary with respect to their businesses. In very small businesses, he might be only taking in servicing and maintenance issues. In big businesses, he might be specializing in brake system, transmissions and even the air conditioning system in the car. The right mindset and a popular technician must have the following qualities:
  • Must be courteous
  • Should have good listening skills
  • Must understand the problem stated by the customers
  • Must offer suitable solutions

What do car technicians do?
Car technicians will normally provide assurance to the customers and fix the issue stated by them. The technicians provide the following services:
  • Test all the parts or the required parts to see whether they function properly
  • Identify the mechanical problems using specific equipment
  • Follow a checklist and ensure that the required parts are checked
  • Lubricate the engine and other components
  • Provide basic care, service and maintenance
  • Provide tire rotation and oil change
  • Replace worn out parts
  • Reassemble parts of the vehicle
  • Explaining in detail as to what has been changed in the client’s vehicle

A mechanic uses various tools and equipment to service a car and some of them are diagnostic tools, screw drivers, welding torch, jacks, wrench, and hoists.  He should be able to use his experience in places that are required to make the car function. He should be able to test the faulty part or troubleshoot if required to find out the fault and be able to identify if the problem is hardware or software. He should be able to follow a strict checklist just to ensure all the steps are followed in order to bring back life to the vehicle. Apart from that a basic care and oil change and engine check should be provided with each and every service. The parts used in case of replacements should be genuine and must be fixed with utmost care.

If at all something happens to your car and it doesn’t function; only a mechanic can come to the rescue, because he is the one who understands the car better than anybody else. So choose the best car mechanic for your car services.
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