How To Get Away For The Weekend And See The Sights Of New York

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is also known as the Big Apple and is home to around eight and a half million Americans. Historically Ellis Island which is located in New York was the gateway for immigrants into the United States. Although Ellis Island no longer welcomes immigrants New York is still the premier arrival point for all legal immigrants.

New York is a metropolitan city buzzing with life at any time of day or night. There are a huge variety of sights to take in and an even bigger number of shops, some of which are famous in their own right.

The easiest way to get to New York is by plane and you can arrive at any one of its three massive airports. From there it is a fairly short yellow cab ride into the city and your accommodation. When booking accommodation there are many factors which need to be considered:

1.            Where are you planning on visiting while you are in New York?

2.            Are you comfortable with noise going on late until the night or the sound of many people leaving the theatre in the early hours of the morning.

3.            Do you need to be close to a particular district?

4.            What level of accommodation (star rating) are you happy to stay in?

There are many companies which can assist you in locating and booking the right accommodation. Weekend stays can be surprisingly cheap as many commuters who stay in the city during the week have returned to their weekend residences. It is often easiest and best to use the recommendation of a friend if possible to book your break. Honor's Haven has been around for many years and is one website which caters for a wide variety of holidays and is well worth checking with. They have spa weekends for the girls where no guys are allowed and it is literally a weekend of being spoilt and catching up with the girls. They also offer getaways designed for the more mature traveler, whether taking in a show or attempting to break the bank. 

Religious retreats are also a common reason for booking a break as are conferences and important meetings. Whatever your need you will find assistance and answers online.

New York has much to offer and if you plan to take in the sights on a weekend trip you will need to be organized. There is too much to do in just a few days so it is essential to list the places you really want to go and target them first. Some of the best places to visit are:

             The Statue of Liberty - This is just a short boat trip from Manhattan and is an impressive sight close up. You will need to book in advance if you wish to climb inside of Lady Liberty

             Ellis Island – original arrival point for many thousands of immigrants coming to the New Americas. The book in which every name is put is still on display and it is possible to visit the now empty government buildings. There is an eerie yet respectful feel to this island.

             The Empire State Building. This was once the tallest building in the world and you are able to ride the lift all the way to the 102nd floor before stepping out onto the observation platform. The reward is a stunning view of the New York skyline which can look magical as the sunsets.

             Times Square. This is a vibrant, bustling explosion of light and life. There are billboards and color everywhere along with people heading in all directions at all times of the day and night. There are a variety of restaurants and some excellent designer shops here. Planet Hollywood is here and well worth a visit.

             Macys and Bloomingdales. These two shops are two of the most famous in the world and are worth a visit even if it is only to stand in awe at the size of the shop. It is worth purchasing something so that you can tell your friends you have shopped there.

             The natural history museum. This is an amazing collection of historical artifacts’. One of the largest museums in the world and fascinating to visit whether young or old. It may take too much of your time if you are only there for a few days.

             Rockefeller Centre. Another very famous landmark with its own observation deck. There are shops and restaurants inside and several conference rooms. There is also an ice rink open all year round which is well worth a try.

             Central Park. This is a massive green space running down through the middle of New York City. In the summer it is full of people enjoying the sunshine whilst all year round you will see people exercising. There are horse and cart rides available to take in its beauty and really get a feel for the park.

             The national 9/11Memorial & Museum. A tasteful reminder of how cruel humanity can be to itself. This lasting tribute to the brave souls involved in this disaster will remind generations to come off the constant battle for freedom of religious beliefs - a founding principle of the United States.

             Broadway. Possibly one of the most famous theatres districts in the world and a fantastic place to take in a show. Enjoy the show while soaking up the ambience of many generations of actors and actresses doing what they do best.

             Grand Central. A cavernous hall which is the gateway to an exceptionally busy railway network. Whether you wish to ride the train or not the station itself is incredible and well worth a look. Don’t forget to look up at the view on the ceiling.

The list of places to visit is almost endless and as mentioned there are far too many places to visit in one weekend. But a weekend break does not have to be expensive. There are places to stay which will cater for every budget and allow you the opportunity to explore one of the most famous cities on Earth.
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