A Guide on Exhaust Headers for Car Enthusiasts

Car engines are mainly compared with the pumps, as they are one of the most efficient parts of the vehicle in terms of economy and efficiency. That is the reason why most of the engine modifications like the headers, cat-back exhaust systems, cold air intake systems and the conical air filters are manufactured to make the intake and outtake of the air less-restrictive. There are various advantages of using these car parts in the vehicle. They help air to move out through the exhaust more nicely. Among all the parts, headers are really difficult to install. In this content, the types of headers and header performance are discussed.

Headers mainly take the position of the exhaust manifolds, which is the first part of your car exhaust system between the cylinder heads and front exhaust pipes. They are they are made by the individual tubes that meet together to form the larger tube which is called the collector. They are installed on the car to boost the performance of the engine and also increase the rate of exhaust flow. The OEM exhaust manifolds are generally designed to take a little space in the car. By the way, the low of the exhaust vary from vehicle to vehicle. This means you can install larger diameter and mandrel bent exhaust pipes that are used for freely flowing mufflers. Most of the car lovers install the aftermarket performance exhaust headers in the car to improve the functionalities of the engine by reducing the restriction of the air flow inside and outside. 

Well-designed exhaust headers act like the scavenging part of the car. When the air pulses a header tube in the collector, a negative pressure wave is made that moves back to the header tube to the exhaust port when the exhaust valve overlaps each other. The negative pressure allows the pulling of the left out exhaust gas from the engine cylinder also help to draw the incoming intake of air inside the cylinder. This is very effective for the engine performance, but the tubes should be too long. 

How To Choose Headers: Material
The steel headers that are available in the market are the cheapest type. But they are not durable at all. The stainless varieties are long-lasting and attractive as well. They turn blue, when in contact with the heat coming out of the engine inside. The ceramic coatings on the headers are also durable and they look great under the exhaust hood. Depending on the type of ceramic coating, the headers can look new for the longer time because the color does not get fade out. There are many companies that offer custom exhaust headers for your specified cars. 

The exhaust headers are used to lower the back pressure of the engine manifolds. The types of headers available are long tube and short tube varieties. They are one of the vital parts of the engine and also for your vehicle. You can replace your OEM exhaust headers with the aftermarket ones and rule the road.
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