6 Most Dangerous Cities to Travel in the World

Travelling is never always safe and delightful. There are places around the world where you can easily get into trouble for doing the things you usually do. Some places in Central and South America are famous for drug mafia and gang wars. Usually, these parts are so ravaged by poverty that people are forced to do illegal things to earn for a living.

Violence and arrests are common in these places of civil unrest. If you are adventurous, then you can take a trip to these place while being a little conscious of the surroundings. You can take along someone who is familiar with these places for a more delightful time. 

1.                  San Pedro Sula (Honduras)

The infamous place known as the “Murder capital of the World” is never safe for an individual who is alone. Violence is ready to erupt anytime during the day and police with weapons are positioned at several places around the city all the time. There are gang wars and drug trade that happen in broad daylight in some places.

The corrupt government and poverty in the place drive many refugees to safer countries to lead a more peaceful life. You can take a trip here using makemytrip coupons from CashKaro.com to save some money on your travel.

1.                  Kabul (Afghanistan)

The place which is home to the Taliban, Kabul is known for the hostile feeling that prevails in the air at all times. You will see forces with guns at main roads and at junctions. People here live an uncertain life. No one knows what will happen next and there are fire exchanges that happen between the armed troops and the Taliban at regular intervals.

The growth of ISIS has threatened the place even more. Travel to this place only when you have an accomplice who knows the place well and one whom you can trust.

2.                  Caracas (Venezuela)

Another deeply-troubled city which embroils in gang wars and poverty, Caracas has seen more crimes which rise every year. The current Hugo Chavez government fails to do anything good for the country as ripples of the political unrest are being felt all over the country.

Give a skip to this place if you feel like your safety will be compromised. A lot of tour organizers however, still take trips to this place with visitors.

3.                  Guatemala City (Guatemala)

This troubled Central American city faces the same problems as other cities –drug trafficking, poverty and corruption. It is scary to see people walk in the streets with arms in hand. Guns, knives and swords are very commonly wielded in these places and civil unrest continues till date.

4.                  St. Louis (USA)

The recent violence against the black people has made St. Louis a marked place. Riots that recently happened in the city have left a bad image of the place around the world. However, there are no such things like drug trafficking or gang wars in the city and you can feel free to visit it during any time of the year.
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5.                  Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The big seaside city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is known for the real danger it can pose to unwary travelers and outsiders. You must be careful to trend into the unknown places in the city because they are usually home to hardcore criminals of the nation.

The police have limited power in the place. You can stay safe by avoiding any drugs that are offered, staying calm and not being a show-off with expensive clothing and gadgets.
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