There are several habits that good shoppers should always focus on. It does not matter whether you are shopping for shoes or cars, dresses or houses- there are habits that you simply must have. Buying a car is probably one of the most daunting tasks for many people. If you have never bought a car before you are bound to feel a bit intimidated. Couple this with the excitement of getting a car and you will miss out on several vital things when you are purchasing the car. Here are some of the seemingly trivial details that you should pay keen attention to when you are buying a car: 

1.       Create a budget 

When you are buying a car, especially a pre-owned car, there are several costs that you will have to handle on your own. There is of course, the cost of buying the car. There are the fuel costs that you will be handling every month. Those are basic requirements for every car. However, just after you purchase the car, you will have to do some servicing and repairs. This will cost you a significant amount of money. If you have to get the tires changed, perhaps the oil and air filters need to be changed as well. There are registration and transfer costs that you will cater for. Come up with a budget of how much you would be willing to spend at most when buying the car. 

2.       Create a list of cars 

It does not hurt to come up with a list of cars that you fancy and you believe are within your budget. It is not silly either. It will make your shopping for cars simpler and more fruitful. Create that list of cars that you love and research on them online first. You can be sure that you will come across some other cars that you might opt for instead. 

3.       Do not buy the first car that meets your budget demands 

There is one mistake the people make when buying cars, taking the first car that they see. This is not a packet of sugar that you pick out from a shelf at the supermarket. A car is a serious investment and the process of reselling it in case it doesn’t live up to your expectations will be quite lengthy. Therefore, take some time and look at cars extensively. Go for test drives and have a mechanic (your own personal mechanic) assess the car before you transfer money to the seller. 

4.       Say ‘No’ to things that you do not need 

Some people just cannot say no. The seller offers to give you stickers and you agree to have them immediately. They are giving you a scented stick for your car- you take it. These are not incentives so that you can buy another car. They are also billed. As minor as they might be, these cost may end up causing a big dent in your finances. 


Buying a pre-owned car might be tricky but it is also a really brilliant idea. It is one of the best ways to get a car, fast and at an affordable price. Pre-owned cars are not always bad cars. As long as you have a trusted friend who has assessed the car and deemed it fit for your purchase, you can be sure that you’re not getting a raw deal!

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Stephen Channing is blogger about cars. He will write anything about cars from certified pre-owned cars to fancy brand new sports cars.

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