How to Select the Best Boat Transport Services?

Are you moving five states away? Do you want to ship your boat to your new location?

Before you get ready to ship your boat, you must do some research to find the right carrier. If you use the services of a logistics website, get ready to choose the best carrier that matches your time frame, budget, preferences and insurance policies.

How to locate carrier: Look in trade magazines, yellow pages, enquiring at marine facilities, Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or doing research online via search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Here are some steps to choose the right boat shipper:

-Select a boat shipper, who has a thorough knowledge of boats and their shipping:

·         He must know how to perfectly distribute the boat’s weight onto the trailer related to the hull and the keel. Otherwise, it may damage your boat.
·         He must realize how delicate a boat is and must be secured safely in the carrier to prevent shifting and related damage.
·         He knows how to double check any loose items like dock lines, canvas, buoys, etc. and do the necessary securing.

-Get the best boat transport quote:

·         You will want to have several quotes for shipping.
·         Quotes are based on desired transport dates, origin, destination and boat’s measurement.
·         These details along with make and model of boat help you get an accurate quote.
·         After you get quotes, inquire with your carrier the configuration of the quote. For instance, the quote must be all inclusive covering permits, gas, toll, etc.
·         Shop around for the best quotes but don’t settle down for lowest quotes, which are likely to be scams.

-Enjoy savings on Boat Transportation Services by:

·         Maintaining your boats under heights that need extra permits.
·         Selecting marinas, which have proper clearance to avoid trailer charges.
·         Preparing boat well for transporting.
·         Making use of competitive bids to arrive at a low price.

-Ask relevant questions:

·         Ensure that carrier is big enough to carry boats of your size.
·         Inquire about what type of equipment they will use to transport your boat.
·         Ask about their loading and downloading procedures.
·         Ask whether there are any special needs related to your boat.

-Be sure of details:

·         You must be sure about pick up and drop locations.
·         But don’t give address until you are sure about doing business with the party.
·         Some companies transport boats on large flatbed trailers. So your carrier may require a small tow vehicle to transport to residential areas.
·         In such a case,  don’t be surprised by extra costs

These are some ways by which you can select your boat carrier.

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