2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooters a new era

Rapidly increase in the technology innovations open many gateways over the past decade. It generally helping to make our live easy and comfortable. We just introduce a new member in the market that is going provide a relevant ride for you for shorter and walkable distance, Now you don't have to spend your more energy on walking and visiting the nearby place.
Are these Scooters comfortable?
Yes, these are comfortable you can ride these scooter easily in just a few couple minutes you will learn how to ride these scooters. As these are very comfortable for going to one place to another.
How is these Self balancing scooter works?
The scooter works on the principle of the gyroscope as it simply balance your weight and protect you from slipping over the scooter. You can easily ride them by pulling the force via your foot to forth for moving the forward direction and back to move in the backward direction easily. For taking any turn you can pull a little more force to that side where you want to turn your scooter and it will be turned on that side easily.
How long can I go with the one-time charge?
As it mentions for different different companies depending upon the battery inside the scooter. The Average distance it can cover is around 10km approx. With a speed of the 12-15 km/h easily.
Where can I buy these Scooters?
You can buy the self-balancing scooter from the e-commerce websites like the Amazon, Ebay easily. As these will cost you around $319 in your locality and may be higher depending upon which country you are in and which product you are going to buy.
Can I import these from china or it's better to buy from amazon or eBay?
Yes, you can easily import it from the china as you can also buy it from their and it will cost less than $300, but a main headache is about the shipping it will cost you around more than $100. So it can increase the price of the total product. The best thing is that you can buy it from the Amazon or eBay at the price tag of the $319 - $500 easily and you will get the trusted product and no more headache of scam.
Are all the seller are trustable?
No, all the seller are not trustable as many of them are proving the cheap quality of the material at the cheap price. So we suggest you to buy the self-balancing scooters from the trustable sellers like the Monorover R2, Erover, Wallygadegts. They are best in a market now.
The important thing to Remember while buying from eBay or Amazon.
If you are going to purchase from the Amazon or the eBay just remember that there should be the penalty of the reviews by the customers that satisfy the product quality, the product pricing should be average, number of question answered by the seller and how much time he/she took to response your emails.
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And safety is first to wearing all the equipment before riding the scooter :)
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